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The Evolution of Workflow Software

From a linear, narrow workflow to a task-centric workflow to advanced workflow software that integrates additional technologies, workflow has been integral since it was first introduced as a way to manage business processes. Read on to see how workflow has evolved over the past couple decades.

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Optimize Labor Efficiency with MES Data and Analytics

There are plenty of factors that affect overall efficiency on the plant floor, but even with advancements in technology and automation, efficiency still greatly depends on the employees operating the machines and making their way around the factory floor. Read on to see how MES data and analytics can help optimize labor efficiency in these environments.

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PROFINET– what do you really know about it? Perhaps just that it’s a protocol– maybe even that it’s a standard Ethernet protocol. Let’s clear up any questions or uncertainties you have about what PROFINET is and why it has one of the largest installed bases of any Industrial Ethernet protocols.

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“Consultant”: The Flexible Job Title for Engineers Who Want More

When you graduated with your engineering degree, you may have had an idea of what you would be doing in your day-to-day career responsibilities, like coding. Being an engineering consultant at Pyramid Solutions means being a true driving force of innovation– one that is able to take complex challenges and use technology to solve them. So, are you someone who wants to be more than just an engineer? Apply today!

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3 Employee-Facing Benefits of a Transparent Company

As a technology company that has been profitable for all of its 30 years in business, we owe a lot of that success to the transparent company environment we foster through regular meetings and townhalls, technology that promotes easy communication and even the physical architecture of our office. We want every employee to be aware of every process, project and major decision.

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Value Worth Recognizing

Our hard-working employees are the heart and power of Pyramid Solutions. That’s why we make sure our employees know how indispensable they are to us by recognizing and rewarding great work.

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