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PROFINET Engineering Services

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Get Your PROFINET Products to Market Faster

Pyramid Solutions ensures your team meets performance, cost and tight deadlines every time. Whether you’re looking for training, development or just consulting, look no further than Pyramid Solutions. 

PROFINET Engineering Services 



  • Review and define the technical and functional requirements of your products or systems 
  • Help you understand how PROFINET can meet your business needs   
  • Help you understand PROFINET constraints  
  • Determine which device class best fits your business: IO-Controller, IO-Device or IO-Supervisor 
  • Cover security measures 
  • Review implementation options 
  • Draw up requirement specifications  

Product Development

  • Review and define the technical and functional requirements of your products or systems 
  • Create solution concept and detailed design roadmap 
  • Design solution architecture that encompasses the product and interfaces to external devices and systems (including IIoT/IoT), tools, software updates, etc. 
  • Develop  
    • Device profiles 
    • Appropriate PROFINET stack 
    • PROFINET functionality 
    • Confirmation tools 
    • Testing & demo tools 
    • Sample logic  
    • Add-on instructions  
    • Device description file (GSD File) 
  • Provide user documentation  
  • Test and troubleshoot to meet all PI requirements  
  • Obtain necessary certifications 
  • Provide on-site training   

Why Partner with Pyramid Solutions?

With our own unique templates, tools and PROFINET stacks, our engineering teams work with you every step of the way For over 29 years, we’ve been helping our clients surpass their PROFINET goals with our best practices, protocol knowledge and defined development processes. Our passion for automation and connectivity motivates us to stay up to date on industry standards and the latest methodologies to make sure you’re getting the most sustainable and effective PROFINET application.  

Expedite your PROFINET projects. 
Partner with Pyramid Solutions.