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NetStaX J1939 Device Development Kit

The NetStaX™ J1939 Device Development Kit (JDDK) enables you to quickly introduce J1939 functionality into your products and systems. It’s software protocol stack provides J1939 messaging and diagnostics functionality.

The JDDK provides an application programming interface (API) for interfacing to your product’s application software. The layered J1939 protocol stack with an adaptable CAN driver layer interfaces with your product’s CAN hardware.

JDDK Diagram

  • J1939 Protocol Stack and Diagnostic ‘C’ Source Code for cross-platform development and portability
  • Embedded target example code
  • PC/Windows target example code (uses USB to CAN Interface – available separately)
  • JDDK Getting Started and Porting Guide and Software Reference manual
  • Sample platform files
  • Enables J1939 messaging (PGN, BAM and Diagnostic)
  • Enables diagnostics (DM1, DM2 and DM3)
  • Interfaces to a wide range of CAN controllers
  • Send/receive J1939 PGN messages
  • Send/receive BAM messages
  • Send/receive diagnostic messages
  • Address claim
Resource Utilization and Management
  • All resources initialized at stack start-up
  • No dynamic memory or thread allocation
  • Runs on a single thread, task or timer tick
Platform, OS and CAN Hardware Compatibility and Portability
  • All platform-specific routines are separated into a single set of “platform files” to simplify porting
  • Adaptable to many CAN controllers
  • Core source code is ‘C’ for portability. Can move the stack code across platforms with little-to-no modification

Immediate Download Available