IBM Datacap Professional Services





Health Checks

When was the last time you assessed your Datacap system to make sure it is functioning at max efficiency? Are you trying to extend its capabilities to another department or add functionality to it? If you said yes to any of those questions, it is time for a checkup.

Our Datacap team provides clients with comprehensive health checks to understand and evaluate your current process, your goals, and how the technology is performing. From there, we develop a proof of concept that outlines how to get you to your goals. A Datacap health check is the first step to improving your system for future growth and efficiency.

IBM Datacap Installation & Configuration

Out of the box Datacap is a powerful tool, however not every business operates the same. That is where customization comes into play. Here at Pyramid Solutions, we don’t just install Datacap – we partner with you to ensure a successful project. We work alongside your IT and business users to fully understand your objectives and needs so we can create the best possible Datacap system for your entire organization.  

Common configurations include:

  • Integrate the solution into another line of business applications like Guidewire, Oracle or SAP.
  • Customize the UI with dynamic document fields. The ability to hide irrelevant data fields or make new ones appear based on inputted data helps users work faster. This also improves accuracy and the overall user experience by eliminating clutter.
  • Integrate document level reporting. On its own, Datacap logs batch-level information, but we can extend this capability to provide document-level reporting that produces an audit trail for each document including user activity. Tracking metrics at the document level allows users to fine-tune their Datacap applications and processes to provide managers and administrators with visibility into things like:
    • Bottlenecks
    • Individual user performance (e.g. how long a user spends validating particular documents)
    • Turnaround times
    • Quantity of pages going through Datacap per day
    • Field level accuracy



Cognitive Capture

Are you ready for a smarter capture system?

Traditional capture systems fall short because they are not built to handle complex or unstructured documents. Human intervention is often needed to classify or extract data from these unstructured document formats. A cognitive capture system applies reasoning, logic and context-sensitive analysis to identify, classify and categorize information. It provides greater insight and continually learns.

Here at Pyramid Solutions, we help our advanced capture clients with cognitive capture solutions that identify handwriting on documents, initiate workflows, understand embedded data tables and even send bookmarked documents to FileNet.

Ask us how we are using natural language processing to classify and correlate relationships between documents to ensure seamless data ingestion. 


Extending the Capabilities of IBM Insight Edition

Got a capture project? Get it done right.