NetStaX EtherNet/IP Device Interoperability Test Tool 

Our NetStaX™ EtherNet/IP™ Device Interoperability Test Tool (EDITT) is a PC/Windows based software application that automates sections of the EtherNet/IP interoperability PlugFest Test Procedure.

The ODVA EtherNet/IP Implementors Workshop publishes this test procedure and performs it during PlugFest interoperability testing events.

EDITT provides EtherNet/IP I/O Server, I/O Client, Message Server and Message Client functionality. EDITT is capable of originating a variety of I/O connections based on the connection configuration set by the user. EDITT is compatible with Rockwell Software RSNetWorx for EtherNet/IP or local or remote network configurations.

  • EDITT software tool executable
  • User Manual
  • Version 1.24
  • Automates interoperability testing
    • Common interoperability
    • Adapter interoperability
    • Explicit message client interoperability
  • Simulates multiple scanners
  • Performs configuration of tests
  • Creates a test log and network traffic log for the test
  • Provides pass/fail indication for each test operation
  • Automatic explicit and implicit connections testing
  • Scanner Class (originator) functionality
  • UCMM (unconnected) messaging client and server
  • Class 3 (connected) messaging client and server
  • Class 1 (I/O) connection client and server
Platform Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7
  • Minimum PC: Pentium II, 233MHz

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