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Automation Designed for Providers

Our insurance software solutions focus on process improvement. The unique and strategic approach we take combines industry and technical expertise to deliver solutions for onboarding, underwriting, and claims.

ECM for Insurance software

Insurance Solutions

Claims Processing

Our Claims Solution helps insurance providers with the challenges of managing the unstructured processes and documents of a claim. Through centralized exception-based processing, you can perform advanced document searches, tag documents for later use and generate analytics to track trends and more.

Life Underwriting

Make reviewing attending physician statements an efficient task. By utilizing the latest analytics and capture technology, our Life Underwriting Solution guides underwriters in assessing risk and writing policies. Learn more about how this solution will help your organization produce consistent policy ratings, loyal agents and exceptional results.

Medical Extraction

Pyramid Solutions’ Medical Extraction is currently the only product on the market that can ingest large medical documents and automatically capture and extract key information pertaining to an applicant’s medical history. When combined with an underwriting system, the resulting solution will bookmark medical data, diagnoses and prescriptions and produce easy-to-read reports.

P&C Underwriting and Maintenance

Ensure consistency, increased closure rates, and reduced costs within your underwriting process. With our Underwriting Solution, users can configure and localize our pre-built underwriting pattern so employees can continue to work in their unique way. Expedite the time it takes to process applications and complete a policy change so you can provide better customer service.

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