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Embedded Software Development 

Bring Your Products to Market Faster

From simple single board devices to complex real-time systems, we make your product visions a reality –  faster than you ever thought possible.  


You Dream It. We Build It.

When innovating new electronic products, it requires a complete understanding of hardware platforms operating systems and embedded software development experience to bring your products to life. Our team of embedded software engineers have years of experience developing embedded software and firmware for a wide array of devices — nearly 30 years of experience to be exact. By partnering with Pyramid Solutions, you obtain a highly motivated extension of your engineering team that works with you, side-by-side. 

From software design and development to testing and conformance, Pyramid Solutions is a partner you can rely on to do it right the first time, while cutting your development time nearly in half with our best practices and development experience.

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Firmware & Software Development

 We design, develop, and debug software and firmware your devices rely on to function properly.

  • Migration of legacy firmware to new devices
  • Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) firmware development
  • Non OS (BareMetal) firmware development
  • DPS development
  • OSs we work with: Linux, VxWorks, uC/OS, FreeRTOS

Device Drivers

Our teams have comprehensive experience developing device drivers on the latest platforms including Linux, Android, VxWorks, and Windows IoT.

Our core strength and focus is developing devices with connectivity options. 

Protocol Stacks and Connectivity Solutions

We use our own high-end protocol stacks, 
development kits and industry standard enabling technologies  to do the heavy lifting so you can confidently get your products to market faster.

Easily test and verify protocol
functionality and conformance with our NetStaX tools  

Industrial Automation Development

  • HMI development
  • Plant floor device development 
  • Industrial equipment control and calibration
  • Hardware and sensors diagnostics
  • Industrial robotics systems
  • Industrial system diagnostics
  • Efficient equipment maintenance
  • Collection, digitalization, analysis, and storage of machinery data
EtherNet/IP Embedded Development Services
Modbus Embedded Software Development
DeviceNet Embedded Software Development
PROFINET Embedded Software Development

Our Embedded Software Development Approach 


 Languages We Speak

Our engineers are well versed in high-level programming languages to ensure they’re able to help move your embedded systems software forward. 

  • EC#
  • EC
  • EC++
  • EPython



We work with several cross-platform environments including embedded real-time devices, PC and hand-held devices as well as small to mid-range computer systems.  We specialize in the following embedded software applications:

  • $Communications / Network Connectivity Options
  • $Custom Applications
  • $Configuration, Testing and Validation Tools
    • $APIs
    • $Middleware
    • $Drivers

    Let’s Starting Developing!

    Find out more about how we can help you bring your dreams to reality. Contact us today and let’s put your embedded development projects in overdrive.

    • We have more than 30 years of embedded software development experience 
    • We utilize our own tried-and-true products and industry-standard enabling technologies to optimize your projects.
    • We are ODVA and PI experts
    • We partner with our clients – like you!