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What You Should Know Before Migrating to IBM BAW


migrating to ibm baw ebook

Migrating to IBM Business Workflow Automation is a task. But no worries, we break it down for you step-by-step.

Migrating takes a huge amount of time and investment — and if not done right, it will cost you. We’ve made this simple step-by-step eBook to walk you through your migration to IBM Business Automation Workflow with best practices in mind.

We cover:

  • What to do before migrating
  • How to perform a migration test
  • Different methodologies of migration you can take
  • How to migrate multiple databases
  • And a whole lot more!

We even included a pre-migration cleanup checklist to start off your migration right. Download your free eBook and get started on planning your migration today! 


Download your free eBook!