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Process Loans Faster

Our Commercial Lending solution makes it easy to collect, find and process documents to process loans faster – point blank. By removing all the unnecessary noise, ensure that the right information is in the hands of the right people at the right time. Manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and respond to customers in a timely manner.

Commercial Lending Software

Reduce Cost of Client Acquisition

Improve Portfolio Quality


Minimize Risk & Exposure

Improve Client Onboarding Experiences

  • Gather ALL customer information once at the beginning of the process
  • Ensure the right person receives the right information at the right time for faster reviews
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing LOS and/or CRM system
  • Indexes documents from the obligor level to the loan level for ease in finding and reusing them
  • Launches the onboarding process directly from your CRM system
  • Creates approval and deal documents automatically
  • Obtains client signatures anywhere from any device

Board and Release Commercial Loans With Ease

  • Ensures all documents have been submitted and signed
  • Integrates into servicing applications for seamless processing
  • Supports audit, prioritization, etc.
  • Automatically initiates the covenant review processes

Effortlessly Review Covenants

  • Automatically updates review terms and the review process when a new obligation is added
  • Notifies the reviewer of upcoming reviews
  • Easily obtain, organize and analyze client financial documents in a single interface
  • Increased visibility into the status of a covenant review, exceptions and trends
Three or four years ago I couldn’t dream of capturing a document and accessing its data all from one user interface. Today, I can easily do that.
Albert Pena

Vice President, Bank Operations, Union Bank, N.A.

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Pyramid eXpeditor is a combination of our 20+ years of experience taking enterprise content management solutions, world-class processing tools, and best practices and methodologies to market. For years, Pyramid eXpeditor has helped organizations decrease project times while keeping cost down without losing solution functionality. It is fully configurable to meet the demands of your organization and comes with many different “must-have” capabilities.

Protect Your Investment

Improve Loan Data Quality

Reduce Duplicate Data Entry

Improve Compliance


Make Loan Decisions Faster

Provide Better Client Experiences

Collect Document Intelligence

Easily Adjust to Market & Regulatory Changes

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