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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services 

 RPA is more than just automating processes. It’s about optimizing your entire workforce in the most efficient way possible through automation. That’s where we come in.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with leading providers to provide the best RPA services, so organizations like yours can achieve complete operational efficiency.

From initial conception, configuration and scaling to training and support,  we’re here to ensure your RPA journey is a raging success. 

Robotic Process Automation

100s of RPA Use Cases

Whether you’re starting from beginning or looking to scale, there are plenty of use cases for Robotic Process Automation.  

RPA Use Case

Vendor Payment Reconciliation

Automate end-to-end processes from invoice to final payment.

RPA Use Case

Report Generation

Collect and validate disparate data points to create and distribute final reports

RPA Use Case


Automate the entire
e-application process for future and existing policyholders.

RPA Use Case

Invoice Processing

Automate the OCR-based invoice process with three-way matching validation, exception management, and integration with back-end systems.

RPA Use Case

Seasonal Workforce Management

Create a digital workforce to scale according to seasonal workloads.

Document Verification

Automate complex document verification including document processing and digitization in legacy systems.

RPA Use Case

Sales Orders

Import sales orders to back-end systems, consolidate purchase information from multiple sources, validate data, and generate reports.

RPA Use Case

PPI Billing

Automate the collection, storage, and use of personal private patient information (PPI) collected during the billing processes.

Michigan Medicine Reimagines with RPA

“I really don’t know how we would have been successful if we hadn’t had Eric from Pyramid Solutions. He really helped us get started as far as best practices and what to look for to do things like troubleshooting. He was really helpful for us to get off the ground.”

Chris Stewart, Michigan Medicine

Robotic Process Automation Jump Start

RPA Jumpstart
Turbocharge Your Automation Journey 

Get a running start rolling out RPA.

With our RPA Jumpstart package, you’ll be able to leverage our team to get you started on your RPA journey and help automate your first three processes. As part of this package, you’ll get a dedicated project team who will work with you side-by-side through every single step. We’ll even guarantee an ROI you’ll be happy with.  

RPA Jump Start
RPA Training
Robotic Process Automation Training

RPA Training

Don’t Crash Your RPA Project

Here’s a harsh truth: 75% of all RPA projects fail.

Just like every person has to learn to drive a car, the same goes for Robotic Process Automation. Anyone can jump in and start driving but the chances of them crashing the entire project are greatly increased. Avoid all possible crashes with our three-day live training session. We’ll go over everything you need to get started, covering the basics of RPA, bot-building 101, and the right approaches to picking which processes to automate.


Robotic Process Automation Scaling program

RPA Propel

Scaling Made Easy

Did you know only 3% of companies have scaled their RPA programs?

Many organizations are seeing that scaling their bots is a challenge for a number of reasons whether they’re stuck on what to automate next or don’t have the skills in-house. 

Pyramid Solutions RPA Propel package provides our “stuck” clients everything they need to get the most of their RPA investments. We’ll help you identify potential processes that can be automated to boost your ROI and ensure you know how to implement them correctly.


Robotic Process Automation Scaling program
RPA Managed Services
RPA Managed Services

RPA Managed Services

 Let Us Handle Everything

Ensure your systems are running without all the administrative hassle.

Let Pyramid Solutions do what we do best — developing and maintaining start-of-the-art RPA applications. With our 24/7 automatic monitoring, you can ensure your processes are running as efficiently as possible to allow you to focus on the more important things — your customers.

Partnering with Pyramid Solutions

30+ Years of Business Process Automation Experience

Success is only achieved with a combination of the right technology, experience, and knowledge. That is exactly what we bring to the table.  With hundreds of business process automation projects under our belt, an understanding of all the leading business process automation technology, and the knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t work. 

This isn’t our first automation rodeo — and it won’t be the last!
We’ve built hundreds of intelligent automation implementations,
so you can trust in our experience.

While a lot of other RPA companies are lowering their rates, we stand behind the level of quality and innovation we bring to our projects and ensure it with 100% US-based operations. 

Get your project up and running faster with proven pre-built bots, common APIs, and one-of-a-kind tools to accelerate any RPA project. 

We Live Business Process Automation

100% United States Based

Proven Accelerators & Tool Kits



There are a lot of questions surrounding RPA, fortunately we have your answers.

Don’t see your question? Contact us directly.

How do I know if RPA is right for me?

There are many uses for RPA across departments and industries, especially if your company does any manual, repetitive or high-volume tasks. Schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll evaluate where in your processes RPA can be of use and how.  

How does RPA work?

RPA is built with software bots that interact with your software programs and systems to perform tasks and processes as you do. After being assigned a task, RPA bots act in real-time to perform it.

How do I know which RPA software to select?

Selecting the right RPA software can be overwhelming, but that’s how we can help! By partnering with us, you’ll get an in-depth look at the most industry-leading RPA software available, so you can be confident you’ve made the right selection.

Does RPA require coding?

No, coding is not necessary for RPA. The RPA interface is built for everyone to use from developers to business users.

Is RPA hard?

RPA is built to be easy to use with an intuitive interface made for bot building. Some RPA programs even allow real-time recording to “capture” your movements as you perform them, so bots can replicate them.

How do I get started with RPA?

Good news, you’ve already made the first step by being on this webpage! Next, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with us. We’ll evaluate where RPA can be most useful to your organization with a free roadmap laying out the steps you need to make for full RPA implementation.

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