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NetStaX EIPScan – EtherNet/IP Scanner Simulator



Version 2.4.1

Pyramid’s NetStaX™ EtherNet/IP Scanner Simulator (EIPScan) is an extremely useful tool for testing and debugging EtherNet/IP™ products, performing end-of-line testing, field testing and demonstrating your EtherNet/IP products to end customers.  EIPScan also provides Adapter simulation capabilities by allowing Assembly instances to be registered in the tool that can be connected to by other scanners.

EIPScan is a very user friendly PC/Windows™ application that allows you to test EtherNet/IP messaging and connections on a standard PC or Laptop.  No additional software or hardware is required.

New Version 2.4.1 features and updates

  • New security software is now integrated that prevents the EIPScan unlock key from being invalidated by Windows Updates or hardware changes on the licensed PC or Laptop.
  • Built on Pyramid’s latest CT18 tested EtherNet/IP Scanner Stack
  • Improved stack and UI performance
  • A new EIPScan-SECURE option is available that enables CIP Security connections. The base EIPScan operates as before with standard connections and messaging and once the EIPScan-SECURE option is enabled, additional user interface options are enabled to allow secure connections.
  • Added support for Identity object v2. Catalog Number and Manufacture Date is now displayed with the device Identity information.
  • Class 3 Maximum request size is now configurable, allowing the use of Large Forward Open and request sizes up to 1516 bytes.
  • Originated Class 1 output (O->T) data buffer can now be edited when the connection is inactive (timed out or closed).
  • Other EIPScan updates based on user feedback (see the release notes provided with EIPScan).


  • EIPScan executable
  • EIPScan User Reference Manual
  • EIPScan Quick Start Guide
  • EDS file compatible with RSNetWorx for EtherNet/IP
  • EIPScan Release History Notes
  • Connect to devices through one or more Ethernet interfaces on the PC
  • Browse the network(s) for devices or manually add them
  • Configure and schedule implicit (I/O) and connected explicit connections
  • Establish secure connections using the EIPScan-SECURE option*
  • View I/O input data and modify output data
  • Send connected and unconnected explicit messages
  • Built-in automated testing of explicit and implicit connections
  • Browse File Object contents of devices on the network
  • Class 1 automated tests
  • Generate randomized data at fixed intervals
  • Simulate one or more adapter devices (via exposed Assembly objects only)
  • Scanner Class (client/originator) functionality
  • Adapter Class (server/target) functionality
  • UCMM (unconnected) explicit messaging client and server
  • Class 3 (connected) explicit messaging client and server
  • Class 1 (I/O) implicit connection client and server
  • Secure Connections*
  • Works with Rockwell Software’s RSNetWorx™ for EtherNet/IP
  • Supports 256 host interfaces
Platform Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10
  • Minimum PC: Pentium II, 233MHz
Supported/Included Objects
  • Message router
  • Connection manager
  • Identity
  • Ethernet link
  • TCP/IP
  • Port
  • Assembly
  • Connection configuration object
  • CIP/Modbus translation (routing to Modbus/TCP)
  • Security Objects*

* The EIPScan-SECURE option must be purchased to enable these features


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