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Get More Out of
IBM Case Manager

IBM Case Manager unites data, processes, and your most important assets — your people — to provide your organization with a holistic view of your clients. When implemented correctly, it’s an invaluable tool that drives efficiency and productivty within an organization. If it’s not set up correctly, it could eat your investment and cause ongoing setbacks…

Whether it’s developing, testing or implementing an IBM Case Manager application, we can help guide your organization towards a successful case management environment. We’ll even help with best practices surrounding case management like taxonomies, workflows, security and the cloud.

IBM Case Manager

Enhance IBM Case Manager with Pyramid eXpeditor.

Imagine doing more with IBM Case Manager than ever. Complementing your applications  with Pyramid eXpeditor, gives you the must have tools to drive the efficiency you desire. 

What Does IBM BAW Mean for Case Manager Users?

The new IBM Business Automation Workflow platform has many great capabilities, but a lot of IBM Case Manager clients are wondering what this means for their existing Case Manager environments. We’ve answered your top inquiries — Do we need to upgrade? What will happen? What is different? — in our free webinar.

IBM Business Automation Workflow

IBM Case Manager Consulting 

Have the confidence you’re moving in the right direction.

Leverage our experts to help you determine your current strategy issues, measure the strength of your vendors, provide strategy recommendations, figure out the cost to maintain current systems or purchase new ones, perform an ROI analysis, and a whole lot more.

With a combination of 30+ years of content management experience, we’ve guided our clients around the mistakes we’ve already made and learned from. Through powerful, proven methodologies, we create applications that empower our clients to achieve new standards of efficiency, control and performance.

IBM Case Manager Consulting
IBM Case Manager Application Development

Application Development

A proven tried-and-true process for developing IBM Case Manager quickly. 

Our teams will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, not just on a department or IT level, but for the entire enterprise. We want your organization to benefit from the most of Case Manager capabilities, so we strive to create an exceptional solution based on your needs.

Rest easy knowing your case management project is in the skilled hands of Pyramid Solutions. Our team will:  

    • Work with your teams to prepare your existing systems for the new installation
    • Assist in downloading all necessary software components
    • Be a liaison between a cloud-based hosting provider and your business users/IT
    • Integrate the solution into third-party applications and systems
    • Verify that all components are successfully installed
    • and a ton more! (Ask us all about it)



Configure IBM Case Manager for your Business

Not every organization runs the same. 

Out of the box, IBM Case Manager is a powerful tool. However, we know that not every organization operates the same way. That is where our expertise in configuration comes in. We are leaders in configuring case management applications by providing our clients with a variety of configuration services:

  • Configure and create widgets to manipulate pages, payloads, etc.
  • Configure the UI to a look-and-feel that’ll make your users happy
  • Configure out-of-the-box features
  • Integrate third-party applications like RPA, analytics tools, intelligent document processing tools, or even homegrown applications. The list goes on!


Configuring IBM Case Manager
IBM Case Manager Managed Services

Managed Services

Ensure your systems are running without all the administrative hassle.

Let us do what we do best: developing and maintaining start-of-the-art Case Manager applications. With our 24/7 automatic monitoring, you can ensure your processes are running as efficiently as possible to allow you to focus on the more important things — your customers.

Partnering with Pyramid Solutions


30+ Years of IBM Case Manager Experience

With more than 30 years of experience, we don’t just say we know what we’re talking about — we show it. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and get the ball rolling on maximizing your IBM Case Manager experience.