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MES Error-Proofing 

Solutions Error Proofing

Ensure only parts with 100% conformance leave your facility.  

Manufacturers know that reduced defects result in reduced warranty and recall costs, but what if you could prevent defects before they even happen? See how IntelliWORKS does just that.

Error proofing assembly lines

Redefining Error-Proofing

MES Error Proofing

IntelliWORKS error-proofing integrates a robust combination of mistake-proofing, Poka Yoke, operator assist and quality control functions that ensure the proper selection of parts and the completion of required assembly operations to specification.

Enabling the complex assembly of customized products on a single line, IntelliWORKS
error-proofing provides early warnings of quality and assembly issues in real time, proactively preventing defects. As a result, IntelliWORKS error-proofing reduces manpower requirements as well as costly scrap and repair operations.  



  • Visual and audible indicators 
  • Identification of quality trends that result from machine problems, faulty manufacturing methods or operator errors 
  • Integration into ERP systems, downtime reporting systems, and OEE systems 
  • Standard and customizable reports and dashboards 
  • Unlimited user-configurable defect definitions 
  • Enablement of routing and accounting for repairable and unsalvageable parts 
  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen, barcode scanner and keyboard functionality 


  • Reduce returns, warranty costs and chargebacks from customers 
  • Elimination of production errors  
  • Reduce scrap 
  • Reduce overall production costs 
  • Increase customer loyalty 
  • Build strong brand equity 


Gain the ability to control and monitor your production environment, ensuring high-quality production volumes with the following MES software solutions:  

By assuring high quality first-run assemblies, minimizing operator training and reducing production costs, IntelliWORKS will dramatically enhance the reliability, performance and flexibility of your assembly operations. 

Manufacturing Error Proofing

Implement a consistent error-proofing process today.