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BridgeWay PROFIBUS to DeviceNet Gateway

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The BridgeWay™ PROFIBUS to DeviceNet™ Gateway (AB7605) provides connectivity between a PROFIBUS-DP network and a DeviceNet network. This compact, DIN rail-mountable device solves a mission-critical problem by connecting existing or newly installed DeviceNet networks to PROFIBUS DP-Master PLCs, Scanners, HMIs or DCSs.

The AB7605 is the proven choice to monitor and control devices on a DeviceNet network from any PROFIBUS-DP Master.

The gateway operates as a PROFIBUS-DP Slave, allowing a PROFIBUS-DP Master to read and/or write data to/from 63 DeviceNet Slave devices if desired. The DeviceNet side of the gateway is a full DeviceNet Master and I/O scanner, complete with the Automatic Device Replacement (ADR) feature. With ADR, the gateway automatically restores configuration data to a device, once the DeviceNet network replaces a failed device. This eliminates the additional cost of PLC-based DeviceNet scanners and adds connectivity to your DeviceNet networks throughout the plant. The AB7605 can also operate as a DeviceNet Slave.

Configuring AB7605 is easy with Rockwell Software’s RSNetWorx™ for DeviceNet or NetTool-DN-D (available from Pyramid Solutions). Configuration consists of building a scan list of the target devices on your DeviceNet network. This transforms the input/output data maps into PROFIBUS-DP I/O data.

PROFIBUS to DeviceNet protocol converter
  • PROFIBUS-DP to DeviceNet network connectivity
  • Works with a PROFIBUS-DP Master-compatible PLC, HMI or DCS
  • Complete DeviceNet Master/Scanner for up to 63 DeviceNet Slave devices or can operate as a DeviceNet Slave
  • Operates and appears as a PROFIBUS-DP Slave
  • DeviceNet configuration is performed using Rockwell Software’s RSNetWorx™ for DeviceNet or NetTool-DN-D (available from Pyramid Solutions)
  • Supports Automatic Device Replacement (ADR) functionality (now 128k)
  • Supports Configuration Consistency Value (CCV) functionality
  • Supports DeviceNet Quick Connect client functionality
  • Supports configurable input safe state behavior
  • Optionally map the DeviceNet scanner status into the I/O data for PROFIBUS Masters that can’t read diagnostic data
  • Supports FLASH field updates
  • LED network and module status indicators
  • DIN (includes DIN rail mount)
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • AB7605 EDS and GSD files provided for configuration tools
  • Enables existing or new DeviceNet networks to connect to incompatible control networks
  • Replaces high cost computer gateways and PLC scanners
  • Rapid installation and configuration
  • Superior product support
  • Mechanical dimensions: L=4.96″ (126mm); W=4.30″ (109mm); H=1.65″ (42mm)
  • Operating voltage: 11 – 32 VDC
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 70° C
  • EMC compliance: EN50081-2 and EN50082-2
  • Certifications: CE and cULus
Optional Accessories
AB7605 Configuration Kit (Part No. AB7605-CFG)

  • 3 meter 9-to-9 pin serial cable to configure the module with BWConfig software
  • Latest version of AB7605 User Manual, BWConfig software, EDS file and GSD file
Note: Need NetTool-DN-D (available from Pyramid Solutions) or RSNetworx to configure the module’s DeviceNet Master scan list.
PROFIBUS to DeviceNet Gateway

Download PROFIBUS to DeviceNet Data Sheet

Documents, Downloads & Support

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PROFIBUS to DeviceNet Gateway