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Business Process
Automation Consulting 

Business Process Automation Consulting

Over 70% of IT projects fail due to not meeting desired goals, exceeding initial budgets, or missed deadlines. Because of this, proper planning has never been more important.

By leveraging our consulting services, you can ensure that your business processes run smoothly from start to finish. 



Business process Management professional Services

Automate Your Business Processes Better

Pyramid Solutions helps organizations ensure successful IT projects by offering value assessments and roadmap assistance. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to review your IT environments, provide best practice methodologies, and deliver our recommended and alternative step-by-step approaches to achieve your end goals.  

Over a 4-week span, our automation experts will provide insight as to where you can maximize the value from your business applications. We’ll outline best practices around technology development, integrations, migrations, and retention management, as well as advise on how you can reposition resources to increase overall process efficiency.






Our Approach 

Business Automation Strategy

Simplify with an enterprise automation strategy focusing on multiple departments and technologies.


Document Capture

Plan for how your applications will handle document ingestion, separation, and classification.

 Recognize the full potential of
OCR, natural language processing and cognitive capture.

Workflow Management

Understand your current workflows and diagnose any problems from the perspectives of those involved or impacted, to develop a seamless process.

Content Management

Review how employees handle content to complete their everyday work and obtain a strategy to overcome system restrictions that keep employees from performing work efficiently.  

Robotic Process Automation

Plan your enterprise RPA strategy with a complete understanding of which RPA tool is right for you, which processes are right for RPA, integration practices, and scalability methodologies. 

Decision Management

Assess your processes and understand the best areas to apply business rules, accessible models, and more to enable direct ownership of your decision-modeling lifecycle.

Line of Business Optimization

Assess how your current users are operating today, identify process bottlenecks, and map the right technology to streamline any business process.



Content Migrations

Plan for the types of content you need to migrate, what content transformations need to occur, and the volume of your migration effort. Outline user permission mapping and annotation best practices and more.

Professional Automation Consultants

Here at Pyramid Solutions, we pride ourselves on the long-term partnerships we build with our clients. We sustain these partnerships by working with our clients and providing insightful value every step of the way.  

Our automation consultants help to determine training issues, measure the strength of your current vendors, provide recommendations on software direction, figure out the cost to maintain current systems or purchase new ones, complete an ROI analysis, and a whole lot more.

By combining over 30 years of content management experience, we’ve guided our clients around the mistakes we’ve already made and learned from. Through powerful, proven methodologies, we create applications that empower our clients to achieve new standards of efficiency, control, and performance.

Business process Automation

Let’s start a new automation project together.

No matter what the project — routine maintenance, software upgrades, compliance audits, content migrations, or application modernization — the best place to start is with an assessment. 

Contact us today and let’s jump-start your path to success.