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NetStaX MasterSim Lite – Modbus RTU Master Simulator

Version 1.03

Pyramid’s NetStaX™ MasterSim Lite is a highly valuable tool for applications that require Modbus RTU connectivity and involve the integration of Pyramid’s BW2031 or AB7606 J1939 to Modbus Interface gateway products (“Modbus RTU to J1939 Gateways”). MasterSim Lite helps users save time by confirming Modbus RTU RS485 communications and to troubleshoot J1939 network connectivity when integrating a solution.

MasterSim Lite is a Modbus RTU Master Simulator package for use with our Modbus RTU to J1939 Gateways.  MasterSim Lite is used to quickly confirm that the BW2031 or AB7606 device is functioning properly before or during integration with an actual Modbus RTU Master PLC or other devices.

MasterSlim Lite Computer

MasterSim Lite will work with either Modbus RTU to J1939 Gateway automatically.

It displays BW2031 or AB7606 Modbus input register data as well as detailed status and J1939 diagnostic data from the BW2031 or AB7606 module to help you during system integration.

MasterSim Lite allows you to specify the range of input registers you wish to read from the BW2031 or AB7606. These registers will correspond to the input register data you configured with BWConfig (BridgeWay Configuration Software 1.0 or 2.0).

MasterSim Lite is ready to go out-of-the-box. It operates on a standard Windows PC/Laptop and doesn’t require additional equipment or software, as a USB to RS485 Adapter is included in the package.

  • USB to RS485 Serial Adapter (with Phoenix connector for field termination and switchable 120-ohm terminator)
  • MasterSim Lite Software
  • MasterSim Lite User Manual
  • Windows 7, 8.x and 10

Immediate Download Available