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Smart Manufacturing 

Ensure plant floor operations run as smoothly as possible. Bring together real-time production data with IT. Make fast decisions that improve overall quality, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Business process Management professional Services

Step into the Next Revolution- Industry 4.0

Defect Tracking

Our defect tracking and reporting solution platform quickly identifies and reports defects in the manufacturing process. Operators and supervisors are notified immediately of defects through displays, lights, horns, and supervisor screens. Generated reports aid in root cause analysis. It allows defect data to be attached to each specific assembly for repair purposes as well as for historical and regulatory reporting functions.

Error Proofing

Our solution integrates a robust combination of mistake-proofing, Poka Yoke, operator assist, and quality control functions that assure proper selection of parts and completion of required assembly operations to specification. Enabling complex assembly of customized products on a single line, we provide real-time warnings of quality and assembly issues, proactively preventing defects. As a result, you reduce manpower requirements as well as costly scrap and repair operations.

Packout and Labeling

Our packout solution facilitates the important packing operation at the end of the manufacturing process. As suppliers face more and more requirements to deliver the right part, in the right order, at the right time, it is critical to ensure you properly label and package products that leave the facility.


Sophisticated sequencing system designed for the extraordinary rigors of today’s manufacturing environment. Equally as powerful for suppliers and OEMs and flexible enough to drive a complete, complex, build-to-order process or a pick and pack operation, we help deliver seamless, precise functionality that reduces inventory expenses and eliminates costly errors.

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