Managed Services for Business Process Automation

Say goodbye to the unwanted stress and burdens of building, deploying, managing and maintaining your IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation applications. Our managed services solution does it all for you.

From standing up your architecture and developing applications to deploying and supporting, we handle it all. Giving you time to focus on more important things – like your customers. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation Managed Services

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a powerful platform that allows you to innovate and optimize the way you operate and service your clients. 

From automating refund requests to managing the onboarding process for your employees, IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation has the capabilities to implement processes across your entire organization with content, capture, decisions, workflows and RPA. It is built as a flexible platform that lets you start small and scale up as your needs evolve.

IBM Managed Services
IBM Managed Services

All the Benefits Without the Hassle

Managing and ensuring your infrastructure is healthy and the applications operating on it are too, leaves a lot of room for oversight. An oversight that could result in unexpected downtimes, ultimately halting your organization’s operations.

Managing robust systems becomes harder if you don’t have the skills to do so or a small IT team. This is where we come in.

Our Process Automation Managed Services gives you the assurance that your most important IBM applications are:

  1. Developed and deployed correctly
  2. Up and running
  3. Maintain good health
  4. Continuously monitored 
  5. Completely secured 

What You Can Expect

Rapid Deployments

Our customers experience expedited development and deployments with our one-of-a-kind tools and templates.

Secure Environment

Our security policies and procedures ensure your data is safe, support regulatory compliances, and protects your customers’ privacy.

High Availability

To ensure high availability, we regularly monitor potential failures before they happen and use automatic switches to redundant components.

Day-to-Day Management

Our eyes are always on the systems to detect potential failures, provide regular updates, monitor key metrics, and provide automatic threshold alerts.

Application Support

Our support team is there to ensure your applications are functioning as they should with regular updates, a 24×7 call center, and most importantly, a partner to help you through any difficulties you may face.

IBM Managed Services for Microsoft Azure
IBM Managed Services for AWS
IBM Managed Services for IBM Cloud
IBM Managed Services with UBX Cloud
IBM Managed Services for Google Cloud

We knew we would be more successful partnering with Pyramid Solutions, and we were right…

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Support Every Step of the Way

Managed Services for IBM SaaS

Benefits You'll Start Seeing

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation Managed Services

Reduced Operating Costs

Imagine a world where you’re not paying for hardware or the energy and space it takes to own it. With managed services, you’ll downsize your infrastructure footprint and overall costs. 

IBM Managed Services

Complete Assurance

Never worry about hiccups with your application. Our promise to you is the assurance that your infrastructure and application will always be up and running.

IBM DBA Managed Services

Stay Focus On your Business

Managing infrastructure takes away from your core business, and let’s face it, it’s not fun either. Let us handle the tough stuff so can you focus on your main business objectives.

Managed Services for IBM Applications

Predictable Monthly Costs

No matter how much support you need, there are no surprise costs or unexpected fees. You pay the exact same amount every month, so you’ll know what to budget for — making it easier to save towards new innovations.

IBM cloud pak for business automation

Increase Competitiveness

No longer will the cost of IT make it impossible for you to compete against the competition. Managed services drastically reduces the cost of ownership allowing you to obtain all the benefits of process automation without the hassle.

Managed Services

Increase Efficiency

By having more time to dedicate to your business and knowing your Cloud Pak application is always working, you’ll start noticing your efficiency increase immediately across your organization.

Partnering with Pyramid Solutions

What makes Pyramid Solutions Managed Services unique is how we’re more than just a managed services provider, we help our clients strategize best practices, develop, deploy and manage your entire system — infrastructure and applications included.

With over 30 years of working with IBM applications, we can promise you faster deployment and unparalleled expertise that only comes from years of working directly with IBM tools and clients across the globe.

100% US-Based

IBM Gold Partner

Experienced & Certified 

We manage your applications right in the heartland! We stand behind the level of quality and innovation we bring to our projects and ensure it with 100% US-based operations. 
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For more than 30 years we’ve worked with IBM applications and are proud to say we’re a gold partner.

Our team has extensive training and certifications in the entire IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation platform, so you know you’re working with the best.

Common Managed
Services FAQ

Can I use two different cloud providers?

Yes, using two different cloud providers is possible and sometimes preferred based on the  environment. 

I'm not sure which cloud provider to go with. Help?

No worries. We’ll go over each cloud provider and our recommendations so you can make an educated choice!

Can you manage just one capability of the platform?

Yes, the beauty of the platform is that you can turn on what you need. So if you only need RPA, we can manage just your RPA applications. 

What's the difference between Managed Services and SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides businesses with cloud-based software, while Managed Services is the handling of the software through on-going maintenence, disaster recovery and continuous support. 

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