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Process Efficiency = Competitive Advantage

IBM Business Automation Workflow gives you the edge you need to compete in today’s tumultuous markets to ensure your operations are running at peak performance. Rely less on people and more on processes. 
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Working Smarter with Workflows

IBM Business Automation Workflow (IBM BAW) unites information, process and users to provide a complete view of work that allows your teams to work smarter with the information they have.  It takes the best features from business process management and case management methodologies and marries them into a single robust workflow solution created with a design environment for business users in mind.  With IBM BAW, you can easily create, monitor and control workflows on any environment: private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or entirely on premises.

 Bring Your Workflow Visions to Life

Stop imagining what your teams could be doing with workflow automation and start doing it. Our digital transformation team is here to help you innovate, design, and deliver your vision on time and in budget. With over 30 years of workflow experience, you won’t have to worry about which move is the right move. We follow industry-leading best practices and in-house tools to expedite our project deadlines and client objectives.


Assessment and Roadmap

Let us help you turn your workflow visions into reality by reviewing your goals and enabling them with best practices and a step-by-step path to get you there. 

Installation and Deployment

Rely on a partner who has 30+ years of experience installing and deploying IBM Workflow Solutions.

Whether you’re utilizing an on-premise, cloud or hybrid workflow application, trust in our experience.

Migration and Upgrade Services

Expedite your migration and upgrade projects with one-of-a-kind tools and templates that reduce the overall time and cost of your project. 

Training and Support

Just because your solution is up and running doesn’t mean complete smooth sailing. We train our clients to deal with pop up problems themselves, or they can choose to simply rely on our award-winning support team for help. 

See what’s possible with IBM Business Automation Workflow

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Accelerate any IBM Business Automation Workflow application with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. Capitalize on your ROI with an integrated platform to easily create repeatable resilient business processes with enhanced automation capabilities: 
  • Robotic Process Automation 
  • Document Capture 
  • Decision Management 
  • Content Management
IBM Business Automation Workflow

Stop letting your competitors out perform you – start automating with workflows today!

Our workflow teams are standing by waiting for their next challenge to conquer. Contact us today!