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BridgeWay™ Gateways support a wide range of applications, from a low-end serial to CAN interface, to high-end standalone communication gateways with multiple protocols. Designed as a modular platform with configurable hardware and software, they can be adapted to ensure complete connectivity.

Gateway devices

Ethernet to DeviceNet

The BridgeWay Ethernet to DeviceNet™ Gateway seamlessly connects EtherNet/IP™ Scanners, and Modbus/TCP Master PLCs and HMIs to a DeviceNet Network. It provides full DeviceNet Master (or Slave) functionality and can connect to 63 DeviceNet slave devices.

Just Released BW4030


Ethernet to J1939

The BridgeWay Ethernet to J1939 Gateway supports EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP protocols over Ethernet. The gateway operates as an EtherNet/IP Adapter Class (Server) device, allowing an EtherNet/IP Scanner (Client) to read and write J1939 network PGN data.

Just Released BW4031


J1939 to Modbus Interface

The BridgeWay J1939 to Modbus Interface Gateway provides connectivity between a Modbus RTU (RS485 serial 2 wire) network and a J1939 (CAN) network. The gateway operates as a Modbus RTU Slave device, allowing a Modbus RTU Master to read and write J1939 PGN data.

Just Released BW2031



The BridgeWay PROFIBUS to J1939 Gateway (AB7614) enables a PROFIBUS-DP Master to read and write J1939 network data. The AB7614 operates simultaneously as a PROFIBUS-DP Slave node on a PROFIBUS network, and a CAN node on a J1939 network.


PROFIBUS to DeviceNet

The BridgeWay PROFIBUS to DeviceNet Gateway provides connectivity between a PROFIBUS-DP network and a DeviceNet network. This compact, DIN rail-mountable device solves a mission-critical problem by connecting existing or newly-installed DeviceNet networks to PROFIBUS DP-Master PLCs, Scanners, HMIs or DCSs.


Protocol Convertor Gateway

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