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NetStaX EtherNet/IP Scanner Development Kit

Version 5.2

Version 5.2 – Now available

Now CT18 Conformant and enhanced with a CIP Security and CIP Safety Enablement option

Pyramid Solutions’ NetStaX™ EtherNet/IP™ Scanner Development Kit (ESDK) with Scanner Class Protocol Stack allows you to quickly introduce EtherNet/IP Scanner Class (Client / Originator) and/or Adapter Class (Server/Target) functionality to your products and systems. Outfitted with new CIP Security and CIP Safety options, developers can easier than ever ensure secure and fail-safe communications.

ESDK_Secure Architecture

Our NetStaX EtherNet/IP Scanner Development Kit Protocol Stack provides I/O Client, I/O Server, Message Client, Message Server functionality, and an Application Programming Interface (API) for using Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) via TCP/IP. The ESDK Stack interfaces with your product’s application software and the socket level interface of your product platform’s compatible TCP/IP stack.

The ESDK Stack is capable of supporting CIP Security with the ESDK-SECURE option, which adds secure connections and encryption to the standard ESDK EtherNet/IP connections and messaging.*

The new ExDK-SAFETY option provides code compatibility for use in CIP Safety applications.**

Easily configure ESDK connections via your application code or through the network via the included Connection Configuration Object (CCO). Users can configure connections through network-connected configuration tools that support the CCO, such as Rockwell Software’s RSNetWorx™ for EtherNet/IP.

The ESDK Scanner Stack source code utilizes an object-oriented approach. ESDK building blocks, such as TCP/IP sessions, CIP connections, explicit requests, and all implemented CIP objects, including assemblies, are grouped into separate modules with corresponding functionality.

This makes the source code easier to understand and debug.

  • EtherNet/IP Scanner Class protocol stack ‘C’ source code, designed for rapid cross-platform portability and development
  • ESDK Scanner DLL with C++ function call API, C# API for .NET applications, and a legacy COM API for using the ESDK stack with Windows and VB6 applications (32 and 64 bit DLLs included)
  • Example Scanner Class Application code (executable and source) that demonstrates the use of the Scanner Stack APIs and functionality
  • Application Notes with Code Samples for individual Stack features
  • ESDK Getting Started and Porting Guide, and Software Reference Manual
  • ESDK-SECURITY option required for CIP Security functionality
  • ExDK-SAFETY option required for CIP Safety functionality
  • Version 5.2
  • ODVA CT18 conformant
  • Supports
    • TCP/IP object revision 2
    • Ethernet Link object revision 4
    • “Big 12″ Diagnostics
    • Identity object revision 2
    • Added Identity object Catalog Number (21) and Manufacture Date (22) attributes as standard attributes
    • SetIdentityExplicitProtectionMode API to allow the application to control the explicit Protection Mode
    • Assembly object revision 3
    • Full support for Dynamic assemblies
  • Flexible so users can specify the number of connections, requests, etc. from build time parameters
  • Includes sample STC file for ODVA Conformance Test
  • ESDK-SECURITY feature updates
  • ExDK-SAFETY option introduced as of v5.2
  • Enables EtherNet/IP Scanner Class and/or Adapter Class functionality
  • UCMM (unconnected) messaging client and server
  • Class 3 (connected) messaging client and server
  • Class 1 (I/O) connection client and server
  • CIP Security*
Resource Utilization and Management
  • All resources initialized at startup
  • No dynamic memory or thread allocation
  • The stack runs on a single thread
Platform, OS and TCP/IP Stack Compatibility and Portability
  • “Platform files” separate single platform-specific routines for simple porting
  • Useful in virtually all devices and environments including: Embedded: VxWorks, Linux, uC/OS, FreeRTOS, and many others, or No OS (timer tick), and PC based Linux and Windows (using the included 32 and 64 bit Windows compatible DLLs)
  • Compatible with most TCP/IP stacks that provide reasonable Berkeley Sockets compatibility
  • Stack core source is ‘C’ code for portability. Stack code is movable across platforms with little-to-no modification based on our Platform Files approach.
Supported/Included Objects and Features
  • Message router
  • Connection manager
  • Port
  • File object
  • Ethernet link
  • TCP/IP Rev 4
  • Connection configuration object
  • QOS
  • DLR**
  • CIP Sync***
  • Assembly
  • Identity (supports type 2 reset)
  • Custom objects
  • Modbus translator
  • Class 0 support
  • Energy object
  • CIP Security*


*The ESDK-SECURE option requires a compatible SSL library that you supply 

**ExSDK-SAFETY provides code compatibility to work with HMS/IXATT’s CIP Safety Stack, which must be licensed separately

***DLR object is for configuration only – DLR software and hardware not included

****CIP Sync object is for configuration only – IEEE 1588 stack not included

NetStaX is a trademark of Pyramid Solutions, Inc.

EtherNet/IP is a trademark of the ODVA

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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