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NetStaX EtherNet/IP Middleware and Driver Package

NetStaX™ EtherNet/IP™ Middleware and Driver Package (EIPLD-M) enables you to quickly interface your Zebra XR440, 450, 480 or FX7400 series fixed-RFID reader to Rockwell Automation ControlLogix/CompactLogix Controllers or any other EtherNet/IP Scanner Class (client) device.

By utilizing standard methods of communication with the RFID reader on EtherNet/IP, you’ll see new life out of your equipment.

EIPLD-M DiagramThe EIPLD-M installable software includes middleware and a driver that loads onto a supported RFID reader to add EtherNet/IP Adapter Class connectivity to the device. It allows a PLC or other controller to configure/command the RFID platform to read/write RFID tag data directly through EtherNet/IP, using standard EtherNet/IP messaging.

It does not require alternative PC or hardware/software which simplifies plant floor equipment and cabling requirements eliminating points of failure.

  • EtherNet/IP middleware and driver (Class 1 Gen 2 RFID tags only)
  • Software Reference Manual
  • Sample PLC Logic (ControlLogix)
  • EDS files and icon
  • Supports multiple read points (antennas)
  • Operates in autonomous or on-demand mode
  • Allows controller to enable, disable and set power for individual antennas
  • Performs EPC inventory
  • Allows read/write capability for all four Class 1 Gen 2 Tag Memory Banks
  • Enables direct communications with a PLC/Controller with no PC or other hardware required
EtherNet/IP Compatibility
  • Enables direct EtherNet/IP Adapter Class functionality for the reader
  • Uses Class 1 (I/O) messaging for efficiency and ease of programming
  • Assembly objects contain tag data, configuration and command information (the PLC completely controls the reader)
  • Supports explicit messaging
  • Requires minimal PLC logic to interact with the RFID reader (logic samples provided) – control the reader, antennas and read/write transactions via PLC logic and EtherNet/IP
Reader Compatibility
  • Compatible with Motorola XR440, 450 and 480 and FX7400 Series RFID readers
  • Requires no additional resources or hardware changes to the reader

Immediate Download Available