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From the Pros: Six Ways to Better Leverage IBM Datacap

Optical character recognition (OCR) a.k.a. capture technology has been around for a long time – like 103-years-long-time. You can trace it back to 1914 when Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that read characters and converted them into standard telegraph code. In the days of Goldberg, this was an innovative technology on its own, but today, it is just one slice of the document processing technologies available to businesses.

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First Step to Building a FileNet System: Create a Solid ECM Strategy

Technicians struggle to rise above their everyday problems and look at the big picture, but it’s a necessary thing to do. To articulate a purpose and a strategy for IBM FileNet, you must identify how it will align with corporate directives and initiatives. After all, a company must be committed to the technology for the long run – to own it, staff for it, leverage it and count on it for business success and competitive advantage.

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