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Insurance Innovation Tips from Farm Bureau

“The conservative reputation the industry enjoys has served to camouflage a tremendous track record of innovation.” – Deloitte | Despite its longstanding conservative, stoic persona the life insurance industry has always experienced innovation. The difference now is that insurance innovation has become the new face of the industry because of the adjective that’s been tacked on to it: disruptive.

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Why RPA is Not Your Silver Bullet

A lot of people think that robotic process automation (RPA) is a new technology that just came to fruition. This is not true. It is definitely a buzzword at the moment, but in actuality, RPA has been around for years. Remember when automated customer service systems first made their debut

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Disruptive Innovation Examples in the Insurance Industry

Gambling and life insurance – a surprising yet oddly appropriate pair. That’s what I thought as I walked through The Bellagio doors on a sunny, April day in Las Vegas. I wasn’t there to play games of chance though – I was at the 2016 LIMRA Life Insurance Conference to learn about disruptive innovation examples in insurance and how Pyramid Solutions can help the industry with advanced case management and analytics – honestly.

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How to Use Advanced Analytics in Life Insurance

Advanced analytics in life insurance is all the rage. Insurers collect an abundant amount of data on their customers, but more often than not, this data slowly becomes dark data that is not leveraged. More specifically, an article by Deloitte predicts that by 2020, the total size of the digital universe will be 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) — with 37% of that data not being used.

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Five Insurance Software Products to Get Geeked About

For an industry typically associated with being stale and stagnant, the latest insurance software products are definitely not those things. Every day visionary tech and software companies release new products that improve the back-end experience for users of insurance software and the front-end experience for insurance consumers. Here are a few different insurance software products and technologies that are moving the industry from stale and stagnant to innovative and influential.

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Where to Find ECM at IBM Think

In the past, IBM has had conferences focused specifically on enterprise content management (ECM) like Information on Demand and Insight, but in the past few years, they’ve gradually melted all their conferences together into World of Watson in 2016 and IBM Think coming up in two weeks.

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