What is Lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing or lean production is a systematic method for waste minimization within a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity.

To be a lean manufacturer, you need an agile manufacturing execution system (MES) that adapts to the manufacturing processes and provides monitoring and control functions to efficiently produce quality product in a non-intrusive manner. To achieve this, your system needs to be rich with extensive features and interfacing capabilities to efficiently deliver a reliable consistent product with as little scrap and waste as possible.

With a home base of Detroit, we bleed manufacturing. But what many people don’t know, is that our MES, IntelliWORKS, powers top manufacturers and suppliers throughout North America.

Our clients tell us IntelliWORKS is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry and with over 27 years of experience evolving and maturing our MES, there’s a lot you may not know about what IntelliWORKS can actually do.

Did you know IntelliWORKS…

  1. (In most cases) deploys out of the box and does not require custom software development
  2. Puts the control in your hands. Administration, management, changes and support can all be handled in-house
  3. Supports batch, sequenced and hybrid production methodologies
  4. Interfaces with many industrial machine tool builders
  5. Includes a sequencing module to support build-to-order or just-in-time customer requirements
  6. Typically includes ERP integration for bill-of-material, production and shipment transaction reporting
  7. Enables a flexible work-zone
  8. Failed stations can be replaced in minutes
  9. Doesn’t include code workarounds
  10. Is adaptable to the product being produced and independent of the manufacturing process
  11. Is configurable so you can quickly and easily…
  12. Provides a complete as-built birth history record for each part produced
  13. Provides the operator with visual work-instructions
  14. Tracks the actual versus targeted station cycle time
  15. Includes an intuitive reports engine that has both standardized and customizable production reports
  16. Includes an easy-to-use standardized or customizable Andon display engine
  17. Provides visibility for root cause analysis of your production processes
  18. Prevents non-conforming parts from being shipped by tracking production results
  19. Provides both process enforcement and component validation to ensure process compliance and correct component selection
  20. Includes built-in diagnostics, proactive alarms and alerts, and remote support capabilities
  21. Enables quick and seamless rebalancing of work content along the assembly line
  22. Takes advantage of emerging IoT technologies to provide workers with the visibility to avoid downtime, increase production efficiencies and produce quality products
  23. Enables a connected enterprise across your manufacturing value chain that allows you to tap into new revenue sources
  24. Aids in establishing an enterprise-wide best practice for manufacturing and assembly process control and data collection
  25. Comes with 24/7 production support from our Intelligent Manufacturing Team
  26. Is supportable so you can sleep at night
  27. Are you wondering how IntelliWORKS can enable enterprise-wide growth for you? Check out one of our case studies: International Tier One Automotive Interior Component Supplier Grows With IntelliWorks.