A comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES) that provides manufacturers with visibility to control and monitor their production environment to ensure high-quality production volumes.

IntelliWORKS Manufacturing Execution System Solutions

Manufacturing Execution Systems
That Ensure Predictable Results


 Manufacturing Execution System

Make Just-in-Time Manufacturing a Reality

The sophisticated sequencing system is flexible enough to drive a complete, complex, build-to-order or pick and pack operation. Manufacturers also have the freedom to schedule production by using a real-time broadcast or an 866 EDI document received by your ERP system.

Error Proofing

MES system for Manufacturing assembly

Make it Right the First Time

Control the process and parts. Visual and audible cues guide the operator to follow the defined process and choose the correct component-level parts to assemble the end-item assembly. This mistake-proofing or poka-yoke mechanism reduces your defects per thousand/million units and ensures a repeatable manufacturing or assembly process.


MFG MES Solutions

Meet Customer Specs 100% of the Time

The IntelliWORKS traceability component provides manufacturers with a complete birth history record for highly-regulated parts by collecting a myriad of data on every product that leaves your plant. This functionality makes it easy to meet customer requirements and government regulations. IntelliWORKS collects data such as:

  • Stations the part went through
  • Tools used on it
  • Operators that worked on it
  • Process parameters collected
  • Materials used to assemble it
  • Test results

Defect Tracking

Discrete MES Systems

Meet All Your Quality Standards

To prevent the shipment of non-conforming parts, the system captures, records and tracks production defects and presents them in easy-to-read reports. The reports allow you to conduct root cause analysis to identify manufacturing process issues and to identify opportunities to reinforce best practices with the operational staff.

Packout and Labeling

Discrete Manufacturing Execution System Software

Get the Correct Products Out the Door

The packout/fulfillment and labeling feature of IntelliWORKS counts and associates finished goods with the correct shipment container. It also provides operators with a visual representation of the container to illustrate the proper location of each part. IntelliWORKS ensures a defect-free shipment by tracking the quantity packed against the required quantity.


Gain new customers

By impressing them with the latest in manufacturing technology

Improve quality & attain compliance

By reducing defects and shipping products just in time

Make the plant floor more productive

By leveraging real-time data collection and monitoring

Enable a connected enterprise

With a scalable and robust manufacturing execution system

Ask us how IntelliWORKs can:

  • Assure high quality first-run assembles
  • Minimize operator training
  • Build customer confidence and loyalty
  • Plan, organize, direct and run day-to-day operations to exceed client expectations
  • Increase production, assets capacity and flexibility
  • Allocate resources effectively and fully utilize assets to produce optimal results
  • Decrease costs with improved first pass yield rates
  • Gain operational insight and proactively respond to changing parameters through the business intelligence layer of the MES
  • Decrease waste and scrap
  • Reduce unexpected downtime
  • Validate and verify proper installation

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