Defect Tracking

The best defense against defects is accurate and timely information. A good defect tracking system records data and generates information-rich reports for detailed analyses. The ultimate goal is to assist users in creating counter-measures and built-in error proofing.


Your Defect Tracking Software – IntelliWORKS

Our scalable defect tracking software, IntelliWORKS eliminates paper-based methods of identifying, tracking and handling non-conforming parts and assemblies. IntelliWORKS runs on a Windows/Intel platform.

IntelliWORKS is easy to use, maintain and configure. It has a highly intuitive user interface that includes touch screen, bar scanning and keyboard functionality. Users can quickly annotate problem areas in its defect tracking grid system. Most important, it enables powerful tracking of trends and issues over time, simplifying audits and streamlining quality improvement programs.


DefectTrackingSiteImageIntelliWORKS Defect Tracking Site Image


  • Flags defective parts
  • Efficiently records defects
  • Highly intuitive user interface with touch screen, barcode scanning, and keyboard functionality
  • Defect identification grid to annotate problem areas
  • Runs on Windows/Intel platform
  • Deploy as a standalone or network application
  • Integrates with third-party MES applications, ERPs, job costing and quality control systems
  • Organized routing of repairable parts and unsalvageable parts
  • Identify quality trends that result from machine problems, faulty manufacturing methods or operator errors
  • Assure that only parts with 100% conformance leave your facility
  • Simplify audits
  • Conduct root-cause analysis to improve quality
  • Optimize repair processes and react to defects faster
  • Reduce returns, warranty costs and chargebacks from customers

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