By Taylor Trapani, Marketing Associate

Have you ever been to a Cirque du Soleil show?

I saw one for the first time in March and it was incredible. I saw “O” which is their water performance. It takes place in, around and above a 1.5-million-gallon-of-water pool. Every performer is beyond talented, but my only criticism is that sometimes there was too much to watch. In one scene, there is a man casually walking around in head-to-toe flames, contortionists moving their bodies in unnatural ways, a handful of divers flying off 30-foot-high swings and doing multiple flips in the air before breaking the surface of the water, and other miscellaneous actors in whimsical costumes running across the stage.

I struggled to truly absorb all that was in front of me because each thing was so fantastic and it was all happening at once.

How does this apply to enterprise content management?

The scene I described is similar to how I see the enterprise content management industry today. The industry is moving quickly and as things like artificial intelligence (A.I.), cloud, cognitive computing and analytics continue to evolve, it’s hard to know where to look.

To help out, we composed a list of resources that give great insight into the enterprise content management industry. Our employees often direct clients to the below content because each piece addresses common questions they hear. These resources are also helpful if you simply want to know where the industry is going. We strive to create visionary solutions and one way we do that by staying abreast with industry trends.

  1. Start Document Workflows with IBM Content Navigator – video by IBM ECM
  2. Digital Business Architecture – From Strategy to Guiding Execution – downloadable content by Gartner
  3. C-Level Business Executives Are Playing A Bigger Role in Tech Spending, But CIOs Still Remain Dominant – article by Forrester
  4. First Step to Building an IBM FileNet System: Create a Solid ECM Strategy – blog by Pyramid Solutions
  5. Key Collaboration Trends for 2017 – blog by IBM ECM
  6. Enterprise Content Management – “Quick Study” online training course by AIIM
  7. Business Process Management – “Quick Study” online training course by AIIM
  8. Business Process Management – “Deep Dive” training seminar by AIIM
  9. Enterprise Content Management – “Deep Dive” training seminar by AIIM
  10. ECM’s role in enterprise digital transformation – article by Enterprise Innovation
  11. Games, A.I. & the Future of Cognitive Computing – video by IBM
  12. IBM CEO: Jobs of the future won’t be blue or white collar, they’ll be ‘new collar’ – article by CNBC
  13. Are You Using Cognitive Insights to Create Connections With Your Clients? – video by IBM Analytics
  14. Cloud Enterprise Content Management Market Worth 34.42 Billion USD by 2022 – article by MarketsandMarkets
  15. Hybrid Cloud of Internet of Things demo – video by IBM
  16. The Science of Business: Transform Data into Dollars – blog by Pyramid Solutions
  17. Taxonomy and Metadata – in-depth training session by AIIM


About the Author: Taylor handles all things writing at Pyramid Solutions – from proofreading content to writing original pieces. Outside of work she loves to read, sit outside and travel.

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