By Mike Monteiro, Solution Consultant

Technicians struggle to rise above their everyday problems and look at the big picture, but it’s a necessary thing to do. To articulate a purpose and a strategy for IBM FileNet, you must identify how it will align with corporate directives and initiatives. After all, a company must be committed to the technology for the long run – to own it, staff for it, leverage it and count on it for business success and competitive advantage.

Over the past few years, I found the driving forces for a FileNet investment are:

a) Compliance and regulatory concerns
b) Risk management
c) Security
d) Liability concerns
e) Operational excellence and process automation
f) Market opportunity and pressures
g) Technology obsolescence

Understanding and prioritizing these motivations to meet the needs of your business will help you arrive at an overall ECM strategy easier. Typically, your ECM strategy should address the following:

1. How content (documents, emails, videos, pictures) essential to business success are:
a) Acquired
b) Indexed and stored
c) Secured
d) Retained
e) Archived and/or disposed of

2. The plan to extract business intelligence from your repositories. Can you describe in business terms what this data would be – either in its raw format or aggregated into some business metric?

3. Are you trying to lift one or more key performance indicators (KPIs) by automating, expediting or refactoring the business process? If so, define them.

4. Establish what you’re trying to get out of process reporting and metrics.

You have to know and plan for how FileNet will align with corporate directives and initiatives. If you don’t, you will walk down an unproductive and frustrating path. Many organizations have a variety of concerns about making such a significant investment, so developing an enterprise content management strategy beforehand is a helpful way to make sure you and your teams stay on track.

Your ECM strategy is just one of many things to consider when designing a FileNet system. Stay tuned for an upcoming white paper about four things to consider when designing a FileNet system. Subscribe to our blog to receive the whitepaper and other ECM tips and tricks right to your inbox.


About the author: Michael Monteiro is based in the US and engages in the purposeful application of technology for successful business outcomes. He reluctantly admits to having decades of experience in engineered systems and IT. He is a cultural wonk, soccer enthusiast (player, coach and Barcelona fan), a gym rat and an aspirational yogi. 

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