NetStaX PROFINET Device Development Kit

The NetStaX™ PROFINET Device Development Kit (PDDK) enables you to quickly introduce PROFINET Device (Slave) functionality into your products and systems.

The PDDK provides conformance Class A, together with real-time Class 1 and Class UDP functionality. This software stack interfaces with your product’s application software and socket level TCP/IP stack interface.

PDDK Diagram

A wide range of devices and systems – from PCs to embedded platforms – successfully use the PDDK stack. The PDDK distributes under a royalty-free product (single product) or project (series of similar devices) software license agreement.

  • Operate with and without an OS
  • Easy porting to other platforms
  • Logical and simple API: specify modules and slot configurations during initialization
  • Central callback function
  • Standard callbacks for all stack functions – they only implement desired deviations from the standard behavior
  • Clean separation of platform-specific and platform-independent code
  • Platform-independent demonstration example with data processing, LED and button support (if available on hardware)
  • Source code modules
  • Example application code
  • Programmer reference manual
  • User manual
  • Conformance Class A
  • Real-time Class 1
  • Real-time Class UDP
  • PROFINET standardized by the IEC specifications IEC 61158 and IEC 61784
Resource Utilization and Management
  • Low resource requirements
  • Standardized memory configuration for all supported platforms
  • Memory management
  • Logging functions
  • Code cleanup

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