By Layne Alfred, Marketing Associate

When you graduated with your engineering degree, you may have had an idea of what you would be doing in your day-to-day career responsibilities. Perhaps even in your career today you believe there are certain duties that are expected of you– and ones that are not. Fullstack Academy defines software engineers as “computer science professionals who use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to build software products, develop computer games, and run network control systems.”

Well, all of us here at Pyramid Solutions have some news for you: you have been prepared in your education and experiences for so much more than that. There are engineering positions that allow you to exercise all of your skills as well as build upon them and learn new ones. Our consultants are proof of that.

By definition, a consultant is “a person who provides expert advice professionally.” But for our solution consultants at Pyramid Solutions, it means even more than that. Being a consultant here means being a true driving force of innovation- one that is able to take complex challenges and use technology to solve them. That’s a big deal!

“Early in my career before becoming an IT consultant at Pyramid Solutions, I was being groomed to be very good at one thing, and one thing only. As a software engineer, I was expected to code and not much more than that. I didn’t get a chance to design, test or build upon the software I was creating, let alone speak with a real customer who was using it,” said Bob DuBois, President of Pyramid Solutions. “Once I stepped into my first consulting position, I realized that I wasn’t the one-trick pony I was made to believe I was. I had a lot more to offer to clients than I thought I did. I learned how our clients’ businesses ran and not just how the software operated. I learned how to listen, empathize, collaborate and understand what motivated different personalities. Being able to actually utilize these skills on a daily basis gave me a great sense of personal achievement and career satisfaction.”

“At Pyramid, we are solving different puzzles every day. No day is like the previous, which really forces you to think not only quickly, but also creatively,” said Kyle Overall, Senior Systems Engineer at Pyramid Solutions, “It’s a great skill to have and definitely increases your professional value, especially if you’re looking to be in a technical role where creativity and great communication skills are harder for employers to come by.”

It’s great to be able to increase your expertise in a position, but our engineers and developers also expressed that one of the best things about being treated as more of a “consultant” is the fact that they are able to see the fruits of their labor firsthand.

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“As a consultant here, you can look forward to traveling, meeting new people and forming really meaningful relationships around the country with people in different industries. You also get to interact with both tech and business, which allows you to really understand business practices and how to make things work,” said Brian Benoit, Solution Consultants Manager, “This allows you to truly be a driver of change. You’re directly impacting business and users by architecting innovative solutions.”

The fact that even our software engineers are considered consultants makes a big difference for our clients, of course, but it benefits our team, too. The problems that our team is tasked with may be challenging at times, but each employee will be that much more confident in their abilities to think on their feet and roll with the punches when they realize that they’ve actually succeeded in something that maybe they never thought they could.

That’s the beauty of being a consultant here at Pyramid Solutions. Our teams have the freedom to try and learn. In doing that, they are building not only their professional career, but their own personal strength. Their role in helping others achieve goals will allow them to develop a broad set of personal, interpersonal, business and technical skills.

So, are you someone who wants to be more than just an engineer? What are you waiting for? Apply today!


Layne Alfred

Layne Alfred

Marketing Associate

About the Author: Writing is my number one passion, but when I’m not working on a piece of content, I’m usually with my friends and family, travelling or working out.