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PX for Case 4.1 includes checklists and role-based redaction functionality, supports CM8 repositories and much more.








IBM Case Manager is a great tool with many capabilities and functions – but what if you could do more with it? What if you could plug in additional capabilities to improve your insight and make better decisions?

We have just the thing: Pyramid eXpeditor™ for Case (PX for Case). Built to work seamlessly with IBM Case Manager, PX for Case is a set of tools that help organizations process work even more effectively. The ability to coordinate tasks, and select, manage and process information from a single interface, gives your team the freedom to collaborate, effectively manage cases, and more.

Document Viewer

Lightening-fast document review.

You may just have to see this to believe it. The high-speed Bookmarking Viewer displays documents and images as fast as they load so you can browse, search for words, and manage annotations sooner. Our unique bookmarking capability identifies key document information and provides one-click access so you get answers fast.

Cross Repository Searching

Search across all repositories.

The Content Explorer function helps you find things deep in the roots of your IBM P8 and CMIS repositories. Filter results based on predefined configurations, case filters, and authorization roles.

IBM Case Manager Case Comments Feed

Track case communications.

Ever wish you knew all of the outside conversations regarding a case? That’s what the Comments Feed is for. Record all of your case, task and document conversations to add intelligence and context to case decisions and details. This way, anyone who picks up the case has a complete understanding of its history.

Case Manager Document tagging capability

Understand documents better with tags.

Tag documents to indicate status or purpose within a case and organize them by assigning a process-specific description and icon.

IBM Case Manager Work In Baskets

In-baskets that increase productivity.

Case In-Baskets coordinate work by case, keeping you in control. They’re flexible to accommodate changing business needs and workloads, and simple enough to deliver an increase in employee productivity.

Document Bookmarking Capability

Bookmark important pages.

Bookmarks are a way to automatically extract and categorize key document information so you can make informed decisions sooner. Authorized users can configure the categories so you stay in front of changing business requirements.

PX for Case has a host of IBM Case Manager components. Here are some additional ones:

  • Case Details: View all your documents and key properties in a configurable, tabular display.
  • Case Header: See the name, Comments Feed and comments count of a case.
  • Status Bar: Get a quick view of a case status.
  • Case Hold Configuration: Put a case on hold until it receives specific criteria such as task completion, document arrival, or a date.

See how PX for Case is being used today.

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“Improved case management capabilities quotations2will allow our employees to move away from repetitive, manual work and focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Teams will be able to handle a greater volume of work more efficiently, helping them provide fast, high-quality service to customers. All of this will go a long way in helping Great American Insurance Group’s Property & Casualty Group meet needs of today’s customers, sharpening our competitive advantage and supporting continued growth.”

-Divisional AVP – Enterprise Content Management, Property & Casualty Group IT Division – Great American Insurance Group


Stretch your case management system.

PX for Case extends the functionality of IBM Case Manager to streamline case processing, improve user productivity, and enhance the customer experiences.

Increase performance.

See, control and manage cases from a single interface.

Drive effectiveness.

Understand, track and report on actionable work to avoid bottlenecks. 

Take control.

Customize features without the need of the IT department.



Pyramid eXpeditor for Case

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