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Leading Insurance Provider Consolidates Down to a Single Repository For Better Organization, Cost Reduction

A Case Study

Client Overview

Leading the P&C insurance space as one of the nation’s leading insurance providers servicing over 7 million policies, our client provides personalized home, auto, life and valuables insurance with over 30,000 agents and brokers. 

The Challenge

Supporting and maintaining repositories is a big task for any team. For our client, it was a headache they didn’t want any longer.  

The insurer found themselves using several different content management platforms to service their claims, underwriting and policy admin systems, making it very complex and difficult to maintain and hindering their customer’s experiences. They knew they needed to consolidate their platforms into one that allowed them to add the additional users needed to maintain the customer service their clients desired.

With high support costs from outdated software to disparate functionality, our client needed to consolidate their multiple, disparate repositories to one main content repository. They turned to Pyramid Solutions, a proven expert in handling repositories, especially within the insurance sector. 



Our Innovative Solution

To kick the project into hyperspeed, we started by installing two new applications, IBM Case Foundation in conjunction with Guidewire Policy Management and Billing to perform:

  • Endorsements
  • Renewals
  • Cancellations
  • Billing
  • Payments
  • Agency Accounting and more. 

We also used IBM Records Manager to assign a retention period to each document that is filed into their FileNet repository. This retention period is used to age each document so that it can be deleted out of the repository when they are no longer required. 

After the repository was up and ready to go, we then used Migration Manager, to migrate over 200 million very complex documents to the new centralized repository. 

With the repository now set and the documents moved over, our client is very happy with lower support costs, increased employee productivity, and less risk of unexpected downtime! 



Technology Used:

  • EIBM Case Foundation
  • EIBM Enterprise Records Manager
  • EPyramid Solutions Migration Manager

    Our Exceptional Results

    Reduction in support and maintenance costs

    Increased employee productivity


    Less risk of unexpected downtime

    We helped our client find the right repository to address their goals and business needs. 

    Imagine how we can help you. 

    From choosing the right repository for your organization to performing the install and migration, we can take care of everything you need. Reach out for a free consultation to assess what might be the best fit for your organization.