Claims Processing

Deliver fast, efficient claim settlements.

Built to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems of record such as Guidewire ClaimCenter, our Claims Solution leverages the latest technology in data capture, cognitive computing, advanced case management, enterprise content management and electronic signature.

Designed to help insurance carriers with the challenges of managing unstructured processes and content related to a claim, providers can now process complex claims faster by utilizing a single interface regardless of the content’s format or system it resides in.

Through centralized exception-based processing, employees are able to perform advanced content searches, tag content for later use, generate analytics to track trends, and much more. Processors are now determining the next best steps for each claim based on insights gained from contextualized content.

Carriers immediately reap the benefits of its automated, parallel and exception-based processing format.

  • Quickly assigns incoming content to the appropriate claims processor
  • Integrates and extends existing systems of record capabilities
  • Handle unstructured content and processes within the claims process with parallel processing
  • Search and retrieve information no matter the format or where it resides from a single interface
  • Distribute work based on the characteristics of each claim
  • Scalable to meet market demands
  • Split and merge content within the system
  • Tag content for quick reference
  • Bookmark content to quickly find the most important information in it
  • Electronic signature capabilities by eSignLive
  • Break down departmental silos and enable cross-departmental collaboration
  • Decrease errors and duplicates due to manual paper processing
  • Leverage human knowledge and expertise resulting in faster cycle times and quicker time to settlement
  • Increase settlement accuracy and decrease overpayment or underpayments
  • View a claim at any point in the process to see real-time KPI’s, identify trends, generate forecasts, and identify bottlenecks

Integrate seamlessly with Guidewire.

GuideWire Integration for Insurnace

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Insurance Claims Software Solution

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