Robotic Process Automation - What is RPA

If you’re using IBM BPM, watch this short webinar to learn about the advantages of IBM Business Automation Workflow.

Back in 2018, IBM released IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW)  to condense and combine the capabilities of IBM Case Manager and IBM Business Process Management (BPM). 

This is a great step in the right direction to reduce confusion of offerings and provide the best of both worlds in process automation and case management capabilities. However, with this release, it has left a lot of IBM BPM users wondering:

  • How does this affect my existing environment/s?
  • What is really different in IBM BAW?
  • Are there any new capabilities?
  • Can I easily upgrade?

Watch to Learn:

  • The difference between IBM BPM and IBM Case Manager
  • What capabilities are included in IBM Business Automation Workflow
  • How IBM BAW impacts existing IBM BPM environments
  • What to expect in future BAW releases

On-Demand Webinar