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Large US Life Insurer Accelerates Underwriting
From 2 Hours to 15 Minutes

A Case Study

Client Overview

From its birthplace on the Wisconsin frontier, our client is one of the largest U.S. life insurers. The company’s network of representatives offers life, disability, long-term care, and employee benefits (health, dental, and retirement) products. 

The Challenge

For our client, reviewing an applicant’s medical history to determine their risk is a very necessary part of the job. But when the data needing to be assessed is arriving in different file formats — and from different sources — this makes the entire underwriting process longer. Underwriters had to manually verify all forms were complete, reorganize pages into the correct format, and organize them so they could begin their initial assessments. 

In pursuit of a solution that streamlines this entire process, our client sought a partner to help. After a rigorous selection process, our client chose Pyramid Solutions based on their innovative solutions and breadth of knowledge in the life insurance industry.

Our Innovative Solution

To kick off the project, we demonstrated to the client how they’d be able to automate the ingestion of content to provide consistency across underwriters and help them make faster decisions by using IBM Datacap and IBM Case Manager

The client seeing how effective the IBM environments were to improve their overall business processes moved forward with the installation of the IBM applications. Additionally, to enhance the user experience, we leveraged Pyramid eXpeditor, to extend the functionality of the application.  Our client can now:

  • Extract key medical information (medical diagnoses, doctors’ names, lab results, prescriptions) from incoming content
  • Flag handwriting and redundancies
  • Trigger an exception process
  • Organize information in graphical reports

Now, with the new IBM applications and Pyramid eXpeditor tool in place, our client is able to fast-track low-risk applicants and quickly process complex cases as well as reduce the underwriting process from 2 hours to 15 minutes – a huge increase in productivity!


Technology Used:

  • EIBM Case Manager
  • EIBM Datacap
  • EPyramid eXpeditor

    Our Exceptional Results


    Fast-Track Applications


    Optimize Employee Operations


    Improve Underwriter Precision and Efficiency

    We drastically cut our client’s underwriting process from hours to minutes.

    Imagine what we can do for you.

    If your manual processes are costing you hours of time, it’s time to look for a better solution. Using our expertise and automation skills, we can help you optimize your processes to be faster than ever. Reach out to get a free assessment where we’ll help identify your pain points and solutions that can help.