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“A central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature; A basic, essential, or enduring part.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

There are six corporate core values that we as Pyramidians hold that together make up our core – our foundation as an organization. Our basic, essential way of being and operating.

  1. Innovative problem solving
  2. Teamwork
  3. Passion
  4. Growth-oriented
  5. Client focused
  6. Getting it done

We strive to display these values in everything we do. We look for them when interviewing candidates to join our team, and we challenge one another to bring these traits out of each other.

While I see my colleagues display these traits all the time, I wanted to hear specific examples from them of when they’ve truly experienced one of our core values. Their stories are testaments to their character which contributes to our character and reputation as a company, and I couldn’t be more proud.


Robert Hunter, Senior Systems Engineer, ECM

Q: When is a time when you had to seek out a new and innovative way to provide our clients with real value?

A: Several months ago, a client came to us asking for a way to keep track of all the tasks they had to complete within their work processes. For longer processes, such as onboarding a new client, there were a lot of steps and checks to go through and they kept track of their progress on paper worksheets.

We were intrigued by their idea/request and developed an entirely new functionality for Pyramid eXpeditor for Case. We call the functionality “Configurable Checklists:” (we’re engineers – we’re not that creative when it comes to thinking of clever names).

Configurable Checklists are a similar concept to the paper worksheets our client was used to – it’s a list of tasks and items to complete within a process directly within their user interface. Because it’s integrated into their case management system, when they complete a task it triggers follow-up tasks and so on.

The new functionality has been well-received by the client and they even came back stating it’s a lot easier to manage and track employees since they can see exactly where each employee is in the process.

Innovative Problem Solving
  • At our core, we love solving problems.
  • We seek out new and innovative ways to provide our customers with real value.
  • We’re practical – we develop the best solutions within the bounds of available resources.
  • We think outside the box when searching for the best solutions.
  • We flourish as a team when each person is held accountable for their own contributions.
  • We don’t let our teammates down by being selfish and thinking only of ourselves.
  • We realize the importance of asking for help when we are stuck.
  • We work for the greater good and the ultimate goal of success.
  • We don’t point fingers, blame others, or make excuses.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We seek first to understand and then to be understood.
  • We encourage and help each other through teaching, brainstorming, mentoring, and coaching.
  • We are respectful and treat each other as professionals.
  • We have a real interest in our work.
  • We work diligently to achieve our goals.
  • We’re excited to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers, teammates and partners.
  • Our enthusiasm, motivation and drive are contagious.
  • Time flies when we are doing what we love.
  • We come up with our best solutions from passionate and respectful debate.
  • The quality of our products and services is a priority.
Growth Oriented
  • We want to grow both personally and professionally.
  • We want to help our teammates grow.
  • We want to build something new and exciting.
  • We embrace change if it helps us grow
  • .We are life-long learners.
  • We don’t want growth just for growth’s sake. It must have a purpose.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in all we do.
Client Focus
  • Our clients are the focus of everything we do.
  • We get a huge sense of accomplishment helping clients solve their problems.
  • We treat clients the way we would like to be treated – fairly and professionally.
  • Making clients successful is important, but not at the expense of our integrity.
  • We achieve client satisfaction by exceeding expectations.
  • We recognize we are all in sales and you can’t sell to an unhappy client.
Getting it Done
  • We thrive on accomplishments and exceeding expectations.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our commitments and actions.
  • We take pride in a job well done – and done right.
  • You can count on us.
  • We focus on what’s really important to achieve our goals.
  • We demonstrate a sense of ownership and jump in and get it done.


Boris Glick, Senior Systems Engineer, NC

Part of teamwork is working for the greater good of the client. How do you ensure that your team does this? 

A: Testing. Lots of testing.

We never want to deliver a product or software code to a client that is risky or bug-infested. To work for their greater good, we test it.

Whenever we discuss design decisions with the client, part of the value that we deliver is constant risk assessment. Be it unproven technology, backwards compatibility issues or future maintenance issues, we strive to discover risks early.

corporate values

Boris helping out a fellow Pyramidian.

Once a risk is discovered, if it needs further investigation or prototyping, it is added to the workload – or, in agile terms, added to the backlog.

Q: How do you ensure open communication?

All of the Network Connectivity engineers sit in close physical proximity in the office. This is beneficial because it lets us discuss any interesting issues and/or any new technologies that we come across. We can talk without having to set up a meeting or a conference which saves an enormous amount of time and energy. We also set an expectation or precedent that everybody on the team knows that if they are stuck, the rest are ready to help. When the issues aren’t too project-specific, we talk to other teams, too.


Dayna Carlin, Marketing Executive 

Q: What does our core value of passion mean to you?

Dayna working on promoting Pyramid eXpeditor 5.0 to the company.

A: Passion to me means putting in extra work to make sure the team is successful regardless of the amount of time or activity. When you see a person with passion, all they care about is making sure the team succeeds. They don’t get hung up on why things won’t work because they are already envisioning what the success will look like.

I see passion at Pyramid Solutions every day. I see talented colleagues who are always thinking about better ways to build things, position ourselves, approach clients, leverage our tools and skills, the list goes on and on.

This is one of the main reasons I love it here – the people I work with are always innovating with passion.


Eric Tomlinson, Professional Services Manager 

Q: As someone on the management team, how do you make a growth-oriented mindset a priority for employees?

A: For it to be a mindset for employees, it must be a mindset of management as well. It’s our responsibility as leaders to promote an entrepreneurial environment and embrace/empower everyone to be able to speak up and bring new ideas forward. This means continually looking for new opportunities and out-of-the-box ideas that will diversify us.

One avenue for doing this is by holding a monthly 1-1 meeting with my direct reports. In this meeting, we go over their Individual Development Plan and ensure they’re meeting the training or certification goals they set forth for themselves.

As a manager, it’s crucial to know your people and what excites and drives them so that can be used to help them move forward in their career ultimately making Pyramid Solutions better at what we do.

I also always encourage people to embrace change and see it as a personal challenge to conquer and make better.


Sean Hurley, Principal Engineer, ECM

corporate core values

Sean receiving the Excellence in Client Satisfaction award.

Q: You received the Excellence in Client Satisfaction Award for 2017. How do you strive to keep our clients as the focus of what you do?

A: Listen. Which is more than just hearing what clients are saying, but also understanding, asking questions when things are unclear, and reiterating what they are saying in a different way so they know I understand.

I also continually ask myself how does this benefit the client? In asking the question I evaluate ROI, risk and compliance to determine if there is a better way to accomplish a requirement or goal. The best way to tell if a client is satisfied is whether they bring you back for the next project. We have a good working relationship with the technical team, business folks and upper management of the client I work with. They’ve continually brought us back to assist with support, implement enhancements and work on new projects and phases.


Merwyn Essenburg, Senior Systems Engineer, IM 

Q: How do you see the core value of “getting it done” played out in your work within the manufacturing space? 

corporate core values

The Core Value wall in the office.

A: This core value is especially important in the manufacturing world with its ‘just in time’ environment. Manufacturers have small windows of time to implement updates and the potential for downtime to affect more than just the plant in question creates a key environment for “Getting it Done.”

Software testing and integration come last in the process of setting up new assembly lines and are many times truncated, so it becomes more than ‘pleasing the customer’ but also keeping the client on schedule for producing parts for their customers forcing the teams to GET IT DONE.

My perspective having been here over 25 years, is that “Getting it Done” brings our clients back to us time and time again as some of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years. I get a lot of satisfaction from solving problems and proving that IntelliWORKS (our manufacturing execution system) is everything it is marketed to be.

These are just a few examples of how Pyramidians live out our core values every single day. These values are important to our company culture because they are traits that we look for in applicants and traits that we strive to bring out in each other and ourselves.

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Amy Rohlman

Amy Rohlman

Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Manager

About the Author: I love that my job allows me the opportunity to focus on a variety of HR disciplines while working with many different people on a daily basis, from new applicants to our most seasoned employee. Outside of work, you can catch me spending time with my family and friends on the lake, baking for my kids, or taking on a cycling class at CycleBar.

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