Packout & Labeling

Production is only part of the challenge in a complex marketplace. Correctly labeling, packing and placing parts into the right shipping container are also key to getting paid.

Your MES Packout and Labeling Solution


Packout and labeling software for manufacturing IntelliWORKS packout/fulfillment and labeling software counts and associates the finished goods with the correct shipment container. It also provides operators with a visual representation of the container to illustrate the proper location of each part. IntelliWORKS ensures a defect-free shipment by tracking the quantity packed against the required quantity.

  • Validate part and position in shipping containers
  • Integrates into ERP and process equipment for finished good production and container shipment information and reports
  • Customizable exception handling
  • Create and retain complete as-built history for each container
  • Packout specific quantities – even in batch shipments
  • Packout labeled serialized shipment parts of a given quantity into containers
  • Customizable label templates for end-item and container labels
  • Flexible 2D container configurations
  • Support for multiple containers, customers, pick-lights, PVA, touch-buttons, proximity sensors and audible devices
  • Configurable XML business process
  • Eliminate packing errors and quality concerns
  • Increase throughput
  • Minimize assembly line footprint
  • Reduce supply chain complexities
  • Increased visibility of the packout process
  • Standardize the packout process

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