Pyramid eXpeditor for Property & Casualty Underwriting

With a focus on property and casualty (P&C) insurance, Pyramid eXpeditor (PX) for P&C Underwriting extends your current underwriting system’s capabilities from capturing client information to issuing a policy. Pyramid eXpeditor for P&C Underwriting helps underwriters work efficiently every step of the way.

Accurate Evaluations

Reduce duplicate documents and manual data entry.

Improve Agent Loyalty

Respond to agent requests quickly and consistently.

Fewer Risks & Losses

Take human error out of the equation and lower your risks and losses.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate with existing SORs and repositories for seamless processing.

Insurance policy underwriting software

Quickly Collect and Process Client Information

For many insurers, capturing and entering client information is a significant bottleneck within the underwriting process. PX for P&C Underwriting’s OCR technology captures everything from emails of a client’s motor vehicle report to their PDF application and classifies it into your SOR. It eliminates manual data entry, human and lost or misplaced documents.

Improve Underwriter Efficiency

Why make an underwriter’s job harder than it has to be? Stop making them jump from application to application looking for correct information or documents. Why not give them a single application where they can complete all their work? PX for Underwriting does just that. From a single interface, underwriters can see all applications with priority ratings and process-specific tags so they know which to review first, what state the application is in, and how to proceed. Fully equipped with exception-based workflows, PX for P&C Underwriting takes mundane manual tasks and automates them. For example, it can capture an applicant’s data while simultaneously flagging missing fields on a document and pulling up any of the client’s historical information/prior cases. Your organization can arrange workflows and rules for fast-track applications so your underwriters can channel more time toward reviewing complicated applications that need their eyes, experience and expertise.
P&C underwriting software
ECM for P&C insurance

Your Underwriters Workbench

From a single interface underwriters can access tools to split and merge documents, create bookmarks to jump to important information, tag the status of an application, or even perform a cross-repository search. Trust us, your underwriters will thank you for these tools and the high-speed document viewer.

Already using Guidewire PolicyCenter?

Discover how PX for P&C Underwriting integrates directly into PolicyCenter for the best of both worlds.

Make Underwriting Easier


Split & Merge Documents

Extract a signature page out of a large document to send to your client then easily merge it back in.

Comments Feed

Provide your employees with a way to communicate with each other, comment on documents, and complete customer files and folders.

Cross-Repository Searching

Got more than one repository? Bridge them together with PX for P&C Underwriting.


Bookmark specific pages to mark important information like a VIN or signature line to quickly jump to it in the future.
Insurance policy underwriting software

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