Pyramid eXpeditor for Life Underwriting

Reduce Costs

Improve Agent Loyalty

Process Applications Faster

Quickly and accurately assess risk so you can issue policies faster.

PX for Life Underwriting leverages cognitive capture, business rules, analytics and predictive modeling to assemble an applicant’s information graphically. It helps underwriters make consistent and accurate rating decisions, ultimately reducing costs and processing times.

Life insurance software that decreases the number of attending physician statements you order. 

Attending physician statements (APSs) are a major obstacle in the underwriting process. They are expensive (averaging $86), take anywhere from 10-30 days to receive, can range from 50 pages to upwards of 11,000, and demand days to manually review.

PX for Life Underwriting provides cognitive insights that lower the need for and dependency on APSs in the underwriting process.

Our models demonstrate that between 70% and 80% of all cases do not need APSs for accurate processing. PX for Life Underwriting helps you decide that so you can save time and money by not ordering one.

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Your Underwriter’s Workbench

The user interface organizes an applicant’s information and data into an Underwriter’s Workbench that contains a variety of tools:

Graphical depiction of a life insurance applicant's medical history.

Applicant Ailment Storyline

The storyline is a graphical depiction of overlapping diagnoses, treatments and prescriptions plotted over the applicant’s life. It allows underwriters to spend more time reviewing important facts and making correlations, and less time manually jumping between applications searching for information.
Case in-baskets in IBM Case Manager.


Every piece of content related to an applicant resides in a folder for easy finding. Each folder has a priority rating so you know what to focus on first. They also have forecasted estimate-to-complete (ETC) dates so you can keep your client up-to-date on when you expect to reach a decision.

Search across repositories for ailments, prescriptions, etc.

Diagnosis Search Interface

The comprehensive search capability looks for key medical terms such as references to cancer or prescription drugs no matter which repository the document is in.

View the status of a life insurance application.

Status Bar

A status bar at the top of the Underwriter’s Workbench displays icons that indicate the state of an application: on hold, in review, need more documentation, or denied.

Navigate through large documents with a high-speed document viewer.

Document Viewer

Our high-speed viewer loads any APS (even an 11,000-page one) as quickly as it downloads. Packed with capabilities, users can create bookmarks, split a document into two documents, merge two documents together, or place tags on documents.

See what tasks remain on an application.

Task Details

Instantly view which tasks remain on a case to stay on track and keep the policy progressing in the underwriting process.

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Additional Features & Benefits

Deploy as You Wish

Deploy PX for Life Underwriting as a managed service (cloud), on-premise solution or a hybrid of both options.

Improve Customer Experience

Attract and retain loyal customers by delivering a high-caliber customer experience.


Integrates with your existing life underwriting and content management system.


Workflows automate structured and unstructured processes so you can underwrite policies faster.

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