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Have Your Cake
and Eat It Too!

RPA Managed Services

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too has never heard of our RPA Managed Services. With this package, we’ll guarantee your RPA infrastructure is always running with high availability and complete security. Ahh, all the benefits of RPA without the headache.

RPA Managed Services

Ensure Your Bots are Running 100% of the Time

Reaping the benefits from RPA shouldn’t be a hassle, and it doesn’t have to be. With our Managed Services packages you can seriously have your cake and eat it too.

Experience expedited deployments, expert insight, full access to our teams, and best of all, the full benefits of automating with RPA.

High Availability Managed Services for RPA

High Availability

We ensure 99.999% system uptime. That means you don’t experience any loss of service as we eliminate failure points and minimize planned downtime.
24/7 RPA Managed Services

24/7 Application Management

Through all the responsibilities of RPA management, we’ve got you covered, from how your bots operate and deploy to maintainence and software upgrades. All day, every day.
RPA Alerts for Managed Services

Real-Time Alerts & Reports

We provide our customers reports and alerts right when they want them. Real-time downtime can be broken down to daily, weekly, or even monthly maintenance reports.
Robotic process automation Managed services

Complete Security

Enabling a secure environment is a top priority for every client we manage. Our comprehensive security plan encompasses firewall settings intrusion prevention and decision and encryption at the file level.
Managed Services Backup

Built-in Backups

Make sure your data is available at all times. Our backups use multiple 10 Gbps network interfaces and Veeam WAN acceleration to make sure even the largest of backups are done and accessible.

Disaster Recovery

Have peace of mind with our disaster recovery plan. We’re able to recover your data in as little as a 15 minute RTO.

Why Pyramid Solutions

30 Years of Deploying Process Automation Architecture

We know a thing or two about automating business processes with over 30 years of designing, developing and deploying systems.
Managed Services Support

Complete Solution Support

We don’t just deploy technology, we support your entire application -— not just the framework.
RPA Managed Services Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing Available

Our pricing is flexible, just like your systems need to be. We offer fully customized pricing packages or you can simply pick from our different sizing packages. 

Partnering with
Pyramid Solutions

“They brought their executive leadership team to our location and gave us an attentive ear. They were true partners no matter if things were going well or not so well. They responded and reacted.”

 Jim Hogan, IT Officer, State of Michigan Department of Human Services


UiPath Managed Services
IBM RPA Managed Services
Automation Anywhere RPA Managed Services

Stay Focused on Your Business — Not Its Infrastructure.

Everyone could use one less thing to worry about right? Let us take the reins of your RPA program so you can focus on the more important stuff — like your business.

Complete RPA Services Available   


RPA Training

Get even more hands-on training. Our instructor-led courses will show you how to build complex bots, learn integration best practices, and problem-solve issues that may arise.  

Jump Start RPA

Not sure where to start with RPA? Need help trying to understand the best approach? Or setting up your CoE? We have just the package for you. 

Scaling RPA   

Looking to get even more from your RPA configuration? RPA Propel is the perfect package for companies looking to scale or identify new opportunities to automate with their RPA setup.