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Defect Tracking 

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Whether it is regulatory requirements, warranty cost sharing pressures, name reputation or customer satisfaction, the best defense is defect tracking that is inherent in your manufacturing operations.

Defect tracking for Automotive manufacturing

Your Defect Tracking Software – IntelliWORKS

Historically, quality management techniques implement inspection, repair and analysis after the part is made. IntelliWORKS takes a different approach with built-in process controls and data collection so you can predict, prevent, analyze and see the manufacturing or assembly process in real-time – allowing you to stop defects before they happen.

IntelliWORKS is easy to use, maintain and configure. It has a highly intuitive user interface that includes a touch screen, bar code scanners and keyboard functionality. Most importantly, it enables your production team to make informed decisions and improve the production environment based on real-time actionable data.


manufacturing defect tracking software

Defect Tracking Features

  • Unlimited user-configurable defect definitions
  • Tracks and routes defective parts
  • Defect identification through process enforcement, user input or tooling integration
  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen, barcode scanner and keyboard functionality
  • Integrates with enterprise applications, ERPs or quality management systems
  • Repair or scrap disposition
  • Enables routing and accounting for repairable and unsalvageable parts
  • Supports the PFMEA process – defects can be assigned Risk Priority Numbers


Benefits You Can Expect

  • Identify quality trends that result from machine problems, faulty manufacturing methods or operator errors
  • Assure parts with 100% conformance leave your facility
  • Simplify audits
  • Conduct root-cause analysis to improve quality
  • Optimize repair processes and react to defects faster
  • Reduce returns, warranty costs and chargebacks from customers


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