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Medical Extraction

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Laying the Foundation for Accelerated Underwriting

What do you get when you combine optical character recognition + natural language processing + cognitive learning? A tool like none other. Medical Extraction captures, extracts and classifies structured and unstructured medical data from policy applications, third-party systems, paramed exams, attending physician statements, and more to facilitate an underwriter’s decision to approve or deny policy applications.

Medical Extraction for Life Underwriting

Powering Your Accelerated Underwriting Journey

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything you needed to know about an applicant – ailments, drug use, concerning diagnoses – was instantaneously presented to you before taking a single look at all their documentation?

Say hello to Medical Extraction.

This one-of-a-kind tool leverages cognitive capture to extract relevant information from documents by considering the context around that data, then presents it to the underwriter in easy-to-interpret charts so they can assess an applicant’s risk without having to read the nitty-gritty of every document.

data capture for life insurance underwriting

Cognitive Capture for Decision-Critical Data

Character boxes. Comb lines. Choice fields. Checkboxes. Image zones. Barcodes. Free-form text areas. Handwriting. No template necessary. No particular file type required. No sweat. Body temperature. Blood pressure. Heart rate. Lab results. Diagnoses. Prescriptions. Declared drug use. Practitioner name. Medical facility. Address. City. State. Zip code. Should we keep going? Medical Extraction extracts over 1,000 data points from not only incoming documents, but also industry sources like MIB, IntelliScript and healthcare provider systems.

Natural language processing for Underwriting

Leverage Natural Language Processing

011618. Is it a patient ID number? A test result? A date? Medical Extraction does the labor-intensive activity of reading medical information for you. By leveraging natural language processing capabilities, it interprets the context around the data so it reads documents like a human would. It then classifies the data into categories like vitals, lifestyle and prescriptions so you have one-click access to that information rather than manually gathering all of it.

data capture solution for underwriting

Make Decisions Sooner

A colorful timeline revealing overlapping diagnoses and prescriptions. A scatter plot charting vitals over the past decade. Bookmarks linking to decision-critical information like diagnoses of cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

Once integrated into your underwriting system, these are all ways that Medical Extraction presents data to the underwriter.

Why? So underwriters can quickly assess the applicant’s risk and focus their investigations there.

Can’t get much better than that.

Did we mention the bookmarks make it so everything is searchable?

Guess it can get better…

How Medical Extraction Works

Medical Extraction for Life Insurance

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Pull unstructured data directly from incoming documents.


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