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Enterprise Content Management for Guidewire

Guidewire Software offers a great suite of products (PolicyCenter, BillingCenter and ClaimCenter) for Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers. It enables insurers to respond and succeed during rapid market changes, improve workflows, manage claims lifecycles, maintain complete control over insurance processes, and it even washes your car. Okay, just kidding on that last one, but it truly is a great tool used by many insurance providers. 


Imagine what your company would look like if you could…

  • Search for documents outside your department
  • Have more control over processes and flexibility to adjust employee workloads
  • Understand what you owe your customer based on marketing activity
  • Automatically classify and index documents as soon as they arrive, to create a common classification method for your entire organization
  • Actually find the document you’re looking for because it was indexed correctly
  • Email and share document hyperlinks directly from your email client
  • Bookmark important document pages
  • Tag documents to instantly know how and where it was used
  • Send only a signature page and not the entire 100-page document
  • Combine six separate pictures a customer sends you about their car accident into one single file

Your processes would transform. Your employees would celebrate and most important your clients will love you. They might even wash your car for you!

Extend Guidewire’s capabilities to experience…





Pyramid eXpeditor for Content™ (PX for Content)

PX for Content is the cherry on top of any Guidewire application. Leveraging enterprise content methodologies, PX for Content efficiently manages documents directly from your Guidewire interface so users have the insight and tools to process documents. Designed to work directly with Guidewire, all your existing processes and activities will remain unchanged, but where it stores documents, how it retrieves documents, and your options for utilizing documents, are transformed.

PX for Content enables you to: 

  • View documents in a folder-based structure
  • Search and retrieve documents from any department across your organization 
  • View documents in an enhanced viewer with functionalities to process content
  • Tag documents to quickly and easily understand where and how a document was used, without having to modify the document itself
  • Bookmark documents to identify and quickly jump to important information
  • Add comments to any document for increased collaboration and instant understanding
  • Split documents into single pages or combine multiple pages into one document
  • Search for information within a document 


Reduce Cycle times


Reduce Operating Expenses


Increase Worker Productivity

3 Ways to Integrate into ClaimCenter

Watch a 10-minute demo to see which option is best for you.

1. Input the case folder directly into your Guidewire interface.


2. Hyperlink to a claims folder from your documents tab.



3. Hyperlink a document to an ECM system from the document tab.



P&C Insurance Provider Extends Guidewire Functionality to Improve Claims Process

See how a nationwide insurance provider extended the functionality of Guidewire ClaimsCenter to more efficiently manage claims content.


Free Health Assessment

1470706374_science-technology-02For a limited time, we’re offering all Guidewire users a free health assessment to put an end to your content madness.

There’s no obligation or preparation on your part. This is just a conversation to assess how your organization leverages an enterprise content strategy utilizing Guidewire. Based on the assessment results, our insurance experts will offer recommendations and industry best-practices to help increase worker productivity within your existing Guidewire applications.