Pyramid eXpeditor for Content

Version 4.0 Now Available

Pyramid eXpeditor™ for Content (PX for Content) is a set of plug-in components developed to extend IBM Content Navigator capabilities and tools. It helps organizations find, view and characterize documents so they can complete work faster and more efficiently.

Load documents instantly.

Our high-speed Bookmarking Viewer displays single-page documents or a six-hundred-page document as fast as it downloads. Select PDF, TIF, MS Office, or image files, then create bookmarks, split a document into two documents, merge two documents together, or place tags on documents – all from a single viewer.

Perform document surgery.

With our Split/Merge component, easily remove a page (or multiple) from a document, merge pages and images into a document, or reorder the pages altogether while never leaving Content Navigator. This feature makes sending pages, assembling documents, and fixing errors a simple task.

Gain instant insight.

Tags instantly indicate the status, location and purpose of a document. Users can even customize tags by assigning an icon and description to them.

Find what you're looking for.

Built to bridge your siloed repositories, the Content Explorer feature helps you find things deep in the roots of your IBM P8 and CMIS repositories. Search the name of a document, a process it was involved in, what folder it lives in, or all three.

Save time - bookmark.

Bookmarking is an action that allows you to bookmark key information so you can easily reference back to it when needed. With a menu that displays every bookmark, users save time with a one-click access to all their key information.

Try It Before You Buy It

Take a free two-week test drive of PX for Content. 

Save time.

With all variables being the same, we’ve seen the PX Viewer load documents 10-20 times faster than competitor’s document viewers. Documents and images open immediately so you can perform everyday tasks – like adding annotations, selecting and copying text, and searching for words – in an instant.

Work smarter.

PX for Content provides intelligent access to important parts of your daily work. Users have fast access to content they use every day to vastly improve productivity. No more jumping between applications. No more frustrating searches.

Rest easy.

Advanced security settings give managers using PX for Content granular access to configure the extent to which their users can manipulate and view content to keep it protected. Limit the bookmarks and annotations available to user groups and predefine search configurations for desktops and roles.

Hours Saved Per Week


Reduced Costs


Increased Employee Productivity


Decreased Processing Time

Own your content management system – don’t let it own you.

PX for Content isn’t just a document viewer and it isn’t just a system add-on. It’s an extension to your employees’ toolkits. It’s a job made easier. It’s exceptional business results.


Reduce reliance on your IT Department.



Boost employee throughput.


Facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration.

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