Pyramid eXpeditor for Treasury Management Onboarding


Data Collection

Parallel Processing


Electronic Signatures

Streamline your onboarding process.

Regardless if you define onboarding as welcoming a new client, adding products to an existing client’s profile or simply “maintaining” a client’s services, the onboarding process is complex.

Pyramid eXpeditor (PX) for Treasury Management Onboarding integrates with your existing CRM to streamline and accelerate the onboarding process, from the back-office to the retail office, for both employees and clients.

By leveraging enterprise content management methodologies, banks are able to process and maintain client information in a case structure. This case structure gives managers, users and executives across the enterprise visibility and insight into production information and onboarding timelines that many institutions lack.

PX for Treasury Management Onboarding will help you quickly identify KPIs to forecast workloads and project pipelines, identify bottlenecks, benchmark accuracy and timeliness of onboarding instances, and more.

Client Onboarding Software Intake Forms

Data Collection

Instead of requiring multiple paper forms for each product you have, PX for Treasury Management Onboarding uses integrated smart forms that pre-populate a client’s known information. This eliminates the need to capture information twice, reduces human errors, prevents pestering the client, and keeps your system up-to-date.


Parallel Processing 

Many systems perform tasks in a linear processing method. This means when you want to run a credit check, for example, you can’t complete step four unless you completed steps one through three, even if step four is independent of the preceding steps.

PX for Treasury Management Onboarding operates with parallel processing so users can complete tasks simultaneously, not step-by-step. By eliminating serial processing, clients can leverage their products sooner and you can start billing sooner.

Reporting for Treasury Management Software
E-Signatures for Treasury Management Onboarding

Electronic Signatures

Wet signatures slow the onboarding process down by days and potentially even weeks. PX for Treasury Management Onboarding automatically generates documents and contracts with e-signature fields embedded in them.

This gives clients the ability to quickly sign documents anywhere in the world, on any mobile device. In partnership with eSignLive, our treasury management solution enables financial institutions to focus on clients, instead of chasing after signatures.


Reduction in document handling costs

Number of hours bank personnel gained back

Number of return customer visits and re-works that were eliminated

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Additional Features & Benefits

  • Cut days off your onboarding process
  • Gain greater client loyalty
  • Reduce turn-times
  • Increase maintenance revenues
  • Improve process visibility
  • Understand exact estimate to complete for each client
  • Reduce abandonment rates
  • 360° view of client data from a single interface
  • Integrated workflows and business rules
  • Cross-repository search capabilities
  • Split, merge, tag or bookmark documents
  • Built-in bookmarking viewer
  • Integrated/predefined dashboards
  • Pre-defined process templates

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