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31 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

There are a lot of things to consider when deploying a cloud solution: security, connectivity, maintenance, vendor. Without talking, understanding and planning for each element, a project can get messy and end up costing more than anticipated. To prevent this from happening, we compiled a list of questions every organization should ask before flying into the cloud.

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IBM Content Navigator: Advanced Plug-in Service Development

An IBM Content Navigator (ICN) plug-in service is arguably one of the most flexible types of functionality you can add to ICN. An ICN plug-in service can be called from almost anywhere in ICN; the only stipulation is it must be called from a client-side asset like a plug-in action or a plug-in feature. ICN plug-in services can be configured to return almost anything and are primarily used to execute custom searches. They can also be used to work with third-party Java libraries and P8 specific APIs that cannot be accessed from client-side assets.

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