Enabling a Connected Enterprise With Barcode Scanners

Zebra Technologies 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Pyramid Solutions enables IIoT connectivity solutions to ensure your manufacturing enterprise has access to data that has critical value, spanning from plant floor operations to the top floor boardroom.  With our core strengths in network connectivity for industrial automation and manufacturing plant floor production systems, our team knows what a connected enterprise looks like and why connectivity is so critical. With direct connectivity to major Industrial Automation network protocols, including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP, our clients experience the benefits of a true IIoT solution, through the seamless integration of Zebra Technologies Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners to your control and monitoring systems. Zebra Scanners give your organization access to real-time information so you can make better decisions faster, increase quality and customer satisfaction, reduce scrap and waste, increase uptime and optimize your manufacturing process.
EtherNet/IP Handheld Scanners
Profinet Handheld Scanners
Modbus Handheld Scanners

Certified Zebra Reseller

As an official Zebra Technologies 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners reseller, we understand that your business success relies heavily on the scanners in your workers’ hands. This means your employees must be able to quickly and accurately scan and identify the right parts at the right time on your production line. Wait time between scans, unreadable barcodes and downtime when a scanner fails, create unacceptable delays. Every minute lost reduces productivity, potentially impacting labor costs, quality management, service levels and sales.
Zebra Ultra Rugged 3600 Handheld scanners

Improve Quality Management

EtherNet/IP hand Held Scanners

Superior scanning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes in practically any condition.

Increase Productivity

ProfiNet hand Held Scanners

An ultra-rugged design for unprecedented durability in ultra-challenging environments.

Reduce Labor Costs

ProfiNet hand Held Scanners

Unrivaled management tools that reduce management time and costs to a new low.

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