NetStaX DeviceNet Slave Development Kit

Add scalable DeviceNet™ Slave (server) functionality to your products with our NetStaX™ DSDK.

This field-proven source code rapidly integrates into your product and includes documentation and example application code for a Hitachi H8S with an SJA1000 CAN Controller, AMD 80188EM with an SJA1000 CAN controller and Infineon (Siemens) C167CR with an internal CAN controller. All source code, with the exception of some microprocessor-specific startup example code, is in ‘C’ language.


  • Scalable for Group 2 only to fully UCMM capable devices
  • Predefined Group 2 connection set support for Explicit Message, Cyclic, Poll, Change of State and Strobe connections
  • UCMM explicit message server
  • Compiler support (application code examples) for the Hitachi H8S, Intel/AMD x186 and Infineon SABC167CR micro-controllers
  • Configuration Consistency Value (CCV) functionality
  • Tested with version A20 of the DeviceNet Conformance Test software and passes with the STC file that comes with the kit

Immediate Download Available