Pyramid Solutions announced today the release of firmware updates for our BridgeWay gateway devices; BW4031, BW4030 and BW2031. The update enhances several new capabilities and features to our BridgeWay line of gateway devices.

BridgeWay Gateways make connecting networks easy. With plug and play modules and easy to use configuration kits, engineering teams can easily enable direct connectivity with advanced remote and monitoring and control capabilities. Our line of BridgeWay gateways are built for industrial environments making sure connectivity is never an issue.

Each update includes:

  • Supports a dual Modbus TCP input register address range to enable PLCs and other systems that don’t support the 3XXXX(X) input register address range.
  • PLCs have access to data as the Address Claim PGNs are now passed to the Input Table.
  • Diagnostics enhancements made to the user configuration to detect any issues when starting up the device.

In addition, the BW4030 is now fully compatible with 3rd party HMS ACM Scanlist configuration tool, which Pyramid Solutions is authorized to provide at no charge to our clients.

This allows the BW4030 DeviceNet Master Scanlist to be configured via the ACM tool or RSNetworx for DeviceNet. Both tools connect to the module via Ethernet for ease of configuration.

For more information on how to update or to purchase a device contact us here.